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Lynelle Phillips, vice president Missouri Public Health Association, said it was not clear what the final meaning of Parson’s order would be for public health.

“We’re all trying to find out if it’s a good idea,” he said.

Phillips, who is also a professor of public health at the University of Missouri, said coronaviruses will continue to spread when people leave their homes. And the burden of handling the new wave of cases will fall on the local public health department.

“They are exhausted,” he said. “They really need to improve more when they run with smoke. So we are worried about them.”

Reopening the countryside

Starting late last month, a series of counties and cities in Missouri have received orders to stay at home. More than 40 had limits last week.

Some, like Scott County in southeast Missouri, allow their orders to end at the same time as the state.

Barry Cook, administrator for the Scott County Health Department, said the decision was based on the number of district cases, which have improved in the past week or two.

The health department will oversee what is happening now in an area of ​​39,000 people, he said. And if there is a jump in the case, officials will consider placing the order at home back in place, Cook said.


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