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Junk food might seem like a convenient choice to feed your children. It is available, easily stored, affordable and liked by children. However, the negative effects of these foods on your child’s health, may be more dangerous than you think.

In addition to clear impacts such as obesity and poor long-term eating habits, it is important to assess the impact of junk food and understand what can actually be done for your children.

Poor Academic Achievement
Because of high sugar levels caused by junk food, children often face sugar disorders that lead to poor concentration levels. This makes it a challenge for them to pay attention in class and have an impact on class participation.

Because your child’s food preferences and desires change, they tend to consume foods that are high in fiber. Because of the lack of fiber-rich foods, I often see children suffering from constipation.

Sleep Disorders
Caffeine and sugar have an impact on your child’s sleep cycle, making it more difficult for them to get quality sleep. I see many parents complaining about poor sleep habits in children.
Keeping your children healthy and active is easier than you think. For starters, I always tell parents to make healthy choices look more attractive to children. Don’t start by giving them a plate of green vegetables.

Instead, start with more colorful fruits and vegetables, along with protein options that are served aesthetically. This helps pull them towards healthy food.
Along with the latter, parents must be active with their children. Instead of video games, play games with those who need movement. Many of my young clients see big changes by applying these changes in their daily lives.

Yasir Khan is a Dubai-based fitness transformation and fitness model whose expertise lies in helping people imitate at home what is usually done at the gym.

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