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Like us hear from many of you, Coronavirus forces everyone to change their daily lives in a very special way. Today Mis Ángeles column, Erick Galindo researching how his 60-year-old mother went from booing technology to, in his words, “a Latina whiz with crazy YouTube skills”:

“As my family’s personal technical support, I am the main witness of my mother’s transformation from someone who has never used her telephone for what she calls a telephone. ‘Boba,’ the preferred term (meaning stupid in Spanish) for people staring at their screens.

I admit, I was worried when I got a Facebook friend request from Elvia Galindo, with a mother-style photo and appeared in several quinceañera … But Elvia quickly caught it. And he is not boba, he actually uses technology to develop during quarantine, as he did without technology before. “

Elvia’s ability to adapt is very impressive, but even more remarkable is her ability to turn it into action. It will be easy to sit and let the pandemic sweep us, passively waiting to continue “normal” life. But life will not return to normal; never.

Elvia Galindo, for example, is accepting changes. We all need to be wise.

Read on to find out more about what happened on L. today, and stay safe out there.

Jessica P. Ogilvie

Last 24 Hours in LA

L.A., California, World: At least there is now 30,296 coronavirus cases and 1,468 deaths in L.A. County. At least there is 62,477 cases and 2,545 deaths in California. All over the world, it’s over 3.9 million cases and more than 274,000 deaths. LA. public school is can’t be reopened in july.

A. L Community: Member of the Chinese Uighur Muslim population living in Southern California very scary for the fate of their motherland; these are Filipino / Filipino health care workers, who are a large part of California medical workers, holding; columnist Erick Galindo shares how his first generation mother embrace all things digital when staying at home; The bill introduced Tuesday will need California to collect data on how the coronavirus pandemic affected the LGBTQ community.

Money Issues: For local government still a sports scar from the last recession, this decline is familiar and completely new; more California people is not working now than during the last recession, with the entertainment industry being hit very hard.

Health: District A health workers work to determine the relationship between COVID-19 and Kawasaki syndrome, a rare disease that usually affects young children; the district mental health hotline is looking at call spike; there is smaller gap between Latino coronavirus cases and population levels than previously thought; around a quarter of the 360 ​​nursing homes in the district has been tested all occupants and staff; local officials work to help people who have just been released from prison and need psychiatric services.

Reopening California: Reopening of phase 3 states could be in less than a month, and Governor Gavin Newsom encourages people to shop at local businesses rather than large stores; The LA flower market reopened yesterday, but socially distanced seems like nothing happened there; a plan to promote more space for residents to walk, bike and play in their environment has been postponed.

LA Art and Food Scene: The critics of the film AirTalk join Larry Mantle to review the latest on-demand offers, including “Becoming,” “Rewind,” “Spaceship Earth,” and “Driveways”; the popular buffet chain Souplantation, which was founded in San Diego in 1978, close all 97 from the restaurant.

Your moment of Zen

KPCC / LAist’s Amber Lung snapped this photo on the streets in his neighborhood recently, and then “Ladybug landed [her] sunglasses.

(Amber Lung / LAist)

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