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Health authority Mexico remembers this Wednesday the importance of transcendental following the indications of social distance and basic preventative measures to avoid transmission by coronavirus, an epidemic that spread rapidly throughout the country.

How is COVID-19 transmitted? So: achu“Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell said by gesture, simulating sneezing, noting that this type of liquid is the fastest way to transmit the disease, which has claimed 174 deaths in Mexico.

“When we say ‘healthy distance’, we do not mean not saying hello, although there is clearly no need to wave, but we do not mean ignoring your friends, your neighbors or your relatives,” he said. “What we mean is that we must avoid that these drops (from sneezing or when talking) affect us, especially in the eyes, nose or mouth“He added.

The Department of Health (SSa) official explained that There are three types of drops that come out of the mouth when we talk, but especially when we sneeze: big, medium and small. All of them, he pointed out, potentially infect us.

“Some drops were too heavy and fell there, two meters away. There were light drops falling further, six meters away. Y some are even lighter, and they go down to 10 meters if I sneeze like this man, “he said, pointing to a picture of a man who sneezed without covering his mouth.

That is precisely what must be avoided, according to López-Gatell, a doctor in the field of epidemiology and an official spokesman for the government since the beginning of the pandemic. So, the authorities have implemented two steps and have repeated it without interruption for several weeks.

“The first is maintain a healthy distance, because doing so will allow you not to drop conventional drops, which are very heavy and that happens when speaking “, explained the deputy minister. “But also preventive measures, like sneeze label, will protect you from drops that will reach 10 meters because they are very light “, he concluded.

Simple sneeze label use the inside of the elbow to cover the mouth when sneezing, so as to avoid getting our hands dirty, which will then touch other surfaces, and also so as not to spread drops that are potentially dangerous to others.

To strengthen these steps, Health authorities also insist on washing hands with soap several times a day and tiring. If you don’t have soap and water, you can use 70% alcohol-based antibacterial gel.

It also requested that greetings in the distance and avoid shaking hands, hugs or kisses. If someone is showing symptoms that correspond to coronavirus, such as fever or cough, it is advisable not to leave home.

Mexico is in transition from phase 2, where local infections and imported infections begin, to phase 3 of the coronavirus epidemic, where these infections occur quickly. Until this Wednesday, there have been 3,181 cases confirmed by COVID-19 in the national area and 174 deaths because of this condition.

For the first time, moreover, since the epidemic began, The Ministry of Health (SSa) presented an estimated total of cases: there will be 26,519 in the whole country, that is, eight times more than has been confirmed. The calculation was made using what is called “sentinel surveillance” which was also used during the H1N1 influenza crisis.

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