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Amanda Faulkiner-Farrow

A woman whose fertility treatment was suspended because of a coronavirus said she now had some hope after the NHS clinic announced plans to reopen.

Amanda Faulkiner-Farrow, 38, from Gwynedd, have said it is “soul-destroying” to find out which treatments are scheduled not to be continued in June.

The appointment of non-urgent outpatient and surgical procedures was suspended by the Welsh Government in March.

Fertility charities have warned patients can still be “trapped in limbo”.

This is because they cannot undergo the tests needed to be referred to a fertility clinic, said the UK Fertility Network.

And one provider will be opened on Monday warning it will not be at full capacity due to social distance requirements.

Earlier this month, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which regulates British fertility clinics, said clinics in the UK can submit applications for reopening starting May 11 if they can show that they can provide safe and effective care.

Two of the three NHS Wales fertility treatment providers – the Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility Centers and the Hewitt Fertility Center in Liverpool – said their application to reopen was approved by HFEA, and services will resume on Monday.

Mrs. Faulkiner-Farrow said this was a difficult time for her and her husband James.

The couple underwent a first round of fertility treatments in January 2019. It worked and she was pregnant with twins, but lost them early in pregnancy.

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Amanda Faulkiner-Farrow


Amanda Faulkiner-Farrow with her son Tristan and her husband James

“I think that this treatment will not start again until 2021,” he said.

“And next year I’ll be 39, and that’s hard for you.

“The difference between being able to get pregnant in the next few months compared to next year … that could be the difference.

“They don’t realize how much hope is given to us.”

The Shropshire and Mid Wales Fertility Centers said it hoped treatment would resume again on 15 June.

The Hewitt Fertility Center says capacity will be limited to allow social distance.

A third provider for NHS Welsh patients, the Wales Fertility Institute, said it hoped to re-launch fertility services “as soon as possible”.

Ms. Faulkiner-Farrow, who has a 13-year-old son, Tristan, from a previous marriage, said he had not heard from his clinic, but would contact.

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Two of the three NHS Wales fertility treatment providers will reopen on Monday

The reopening of a number of “convincing” clinics, according to Alice Matthews, Wales coordinator for the UK Fertility Network, but he urged caution.

“A large number still cannot undergo the necessary investigative tests before being even referred to tertiary fertility clinics,” he said.

“Until this vital outpatient appointment can continue, there will still be a large number of people trapped in limbo, feeling isolated, anxious and uninformed about their condition.”

The Welsh government says they appreciate the anxiety caused by this situation, adding that all fertility services have been asked to submit plans on how they will reopen safely.

London Women’s Clinic Wales, a private provider, said the application to reopen was approved.

Another, the Center for Reproduction and Gynecology of Wales, said it had submitted an application to reopen and hoped to continue treatment from July.

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