Wow! The Bombay IIT team developed nasal gel to prevent the spread of Coronavirus; details | Instant News

To eradicate the Coronavirus threat completely, inactivation or killing of the virus is important.

IIT Bombay will develop nasal gel to fight Coronavirus! The Coronavirus outbreak has posed multi-dimensional challenges for the world and India. The battle against Coronavirus cannot be won without a multi-pronged approach that can work both to suppress the spread of viruses and to attack to stop creating further damage to humanity. With the same view, the Indian government said it would support innovations brought to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Legal entities under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology (DST), the Research and Engineering Agency (SERB) have announced that they will support new technologies focused on the capture and inactivation of Coronaviruses in humans. This technology is being developed by the IIT Bombay Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (DBB).

The team is working to develop a gel that can be applied to the human nasal tract which serves as the main entry point for Coronavirus to humans. The team at IIT Bombay has adopted a 2-pronged approach to dealing with Coronavirus in humans, a release from the Ministry of Science & Technology.

The Bombay IIT team working on this project has Prof. Kiran Kondabagil, Prof. Rinti Banerjee, Prof. Ashutosh Kumar and Prof. Shamik Sen from the Department of Biosciences & Biotechnology. The team has worked extensively in fields relevant to dealing with the Coronavirus crisis such as virology, structural biology, biophysics, biomaterials, and drug administration. The team has expressed hope that nose gel technology will be ready for use in about 9 months.

From various epidemiological findings, it is now known that coronaviruses multiply in the human lung. The Coronavirus novel binds itself to the host cells of the human lung and then replicates in large numbers. The first purpose of the gel being developed is to inhibit the binding of the viral component with the host cell of the infected person’s lung. However, this will only limit virus replication but the threat will still remain.

To eradicate the Coronavirus threat completely, inactivation or killing of the virus is important. The second purpose of the gel will serve that purpose. The gel will trap the virus component and will deactivate it by competitive inhibition.

Complimenting the efforts of medical practitioners and health care workers across the country for Coronavirus, DST Secretary, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma said that health care workers and others who work at the forefront of the war against viruses deserve foolish evidence, 200% protection and moderate nasal gel This developed together with other protective measures will provide a strong layer of defense while working as the first line of prevention against Coronavirus outbreaks in the Country.

The number of Coronavirus cases has increased sharply in the last few days and has passed 5,000 dangerous signs. The death toll from Covid-19 has risen to 149 days. The Modi government has imposed a 21-day lockdown across the country on March 24 to reduce the possibility of community transmission.

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