A new study has found that a diabetes epidemic among young people in Mexico means that many of them are infected with COVID-19, which can cause insinuations for the United States, where 10.5 percent of the population suffer from diabetes.

The diabetes disaster in Mexico, which kills more people in the country each year than relational violence, can result in the possibility of worsening COVID-19, especially for the younger generation, said the metabolic health expert.

The metabolic health company, Chief Level Health Officer and doctor, Casey Means said, a Mexican government report showed, among people who died from the virus, 44 percent reported they had hypertension, while 43.2 percent said they had diabetes and 40 percent, were obese .

Until the middle of this month, Mexico has reported more than 11,000 active Coronavirus case and 6,000 deaths. As of this writing, the numbers are almost similar to active cases recorded in Missouri or Nebraska even though, according to the report, “with far higher mortality rates.”

Linking Diabetes with COVID-19

According to Means, preliminary data coming out of Mexico show that people with diabetes who are earlier are more likely to be hospitalized or use respirators.

There seems to be a reason for the relationship diabetes and the virus. In an article recently published in Metabolism, a scientific journal, Means said, a protein that helps cause COVID-19 infections “into human cells, was found more often” in individuals suffering from diabetes.

Means adding, this is mainly a disease that can be avoided lifestyle interventions that die dying of citizens due to disease. Director of the National Institute of Medicine and Nutrition Institute of Mexico’s National Nutrition and medical researcher Carlos Aguilar Salinas said there are nutritional and genetic elements for high diabetes rates in Mexico.

Aguilar Salinas also added that Mexicans have certain ethnic hereditary variations that increase their vulnerability “for type 2 diabetes.”

He also said that switching from a carbohydrate-rich diet to a high-fat and high-calorie diet, and a considerable decrease in physical activity caused an increase in obesity Mexico.

Lifestyle Changes Are Required

Medical research says major changes need to occur in the coming years, in developing countries “for metabolic disorders.”

Changes in the production and distribution of the food chain, major changes in supermarkets, improvement in the built environment to enforce physical activity and running, will have a large effect in a short time.

Moreover, Means explained also, that the lowest ranking fruit in public health orders “is a clear and strong procedure from the government including the health authorities.

The threat of being seriously ill with COVID-19 may be lower if diabetes is well managed and controlled, and sugar levels are quickly adjusted to changes in lifestyle and diet, Sarana said in a statement. report.

Those who suffer from diabetes in developing countries, according to research, are not the only ones who face challenges in the COVID-19 era.

MidMichigan Health Physician, Utibe Effiong, who is also a senior health and global development Aspen Institute said, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus in America and even around the world are now losing access to hydroxychloroquine which puts them at risk of disease flares and hospital confinement-likely to expose them to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Effiong, as well as other health experts have warned hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women, who are fortunately able to experience pain, they say, “due to a lack of hydroxy chlorine.”

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