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The battle for supremacy between vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism is a never-ending struggle. Browse any recipe videos for non-vegetarian dishes and you will have hundreds of vegetarians who make non-vegetarians their ‘crime’ and turn it to the green side.

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Fish is considered as important brain food, contains essential Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients for a healthy and vibrant brain.

But what if I say that you can now enjoy eating meat, without any dying being? Not not plant-based meat like we’ve seen people fool, but the real meat (fish).

BlueNalu – San Diego startup grows meat from muscle tissue taken from real fish. They place the fish under anesthesia and extract tissue, then stem cells from the sample are isolated and treated with enzymes.

This is then processed in the bioreactor where it begins to replicate. This is then printed in 3D to the desired shape and the finished product is ready to be cooked and consumed.

Growing real fish meat in the laboratory

The reason why BlueNalu’s creations stand out is because variations in meat grown in laboratories can withstand various types of cooking techniques. According to CEO Lou Cooperhouse, “Our yellowtail medal can be cooked through direct heat, steamed or even fried in oil; can be immersed in acidified solutions for applications such as poke, ceviche, and kimchi, or can be prepared in a raw state. “

BlueNalu’s technical head, Chris Dammann said in a statement to the San Diego Union-Tribune“When we started this company, very little knowledge was available about the long-term multiplication of fish muscle cells and there was no reliable culture protocol. To make products of all muscles from fish cells planted without genetic modification requires considerable innovation. “


BlueNalu recently received Series A support of $ 20 million to expand the seafood business that is grown in laboratories as an ethical and sustainable alternative to commercial fishing. Dammann said, “We are no longer” laboratory-made “than tomato sauce or Oreo. They all started in the laboratory.”

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