National Wine Day 2020 | Instant News

National Wine Day is May 25 and while you may not be able to gather your friends for a trip to the winery or have it for a glass of vino, you can still celebrate it at home.

Below are five ways you can recognize a pleasant holiday with wine-related activities, according to the DIY Network.

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Host a virtual wine tasting party

Like many things in the coronavirus pandemic era, taking anything from live chat to video can translate into wine tasting. Gather your friends on FaceTime or Zoom and enjoy a variety of wines from the comfort of your own home. The best part is that you can choose to taste the type of wine that suits your taste.

For decoration

Wine enthusiasts may have many bottles that they plan to consume over time, but instead of throwing them in the trash, use the bottles to decorate your space. Live in the country report bottles can create unique centerpieces for everything from flowers to candles to terrarium.

Give a gift of wine


Use that day to treat wine lovers in your life with a bottle of their favorite drink, which is some of Atlanta’s metro restaurants has offered to go. Drop it at their door in a neatly wrapped box and include a card to make it more personal.

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Get creative with cork

If you are a wine connoisseur, you may have a lot of cork collected from your taste. Use them to make trivets to place kettles or pots in the kitchen. To learn how, watch the demonstration here.

Drink it up

Perhaps the easiest way to celebrate National Wine Day is to drink only a glass of drink. Pour one in a lively wine glass and enjoy while reading a book or watching your favorite TV series.