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AUSTIN, TX – Against a backdrop of reopening the country’s economy directed by Governor Greg Abbott, the number of corona virus cases in Texas increased by 1,949 on Sunday in a 24-hour period – rising to 64,287. The number of fatalities also increased by 24, rising to 1,672 from the previous day.

The surge in new disease cases is the biggest one-day increase to date. The previous all-time high was recorded on May 16, when 1,801 were new a coronavirus case in Texas recorded by health workers.

Statistics on coronavirus trends across the state are compiled on a dashboard managed by Texas State Health Services Department officials who are updated every day. According to the dashboard, there are 20,192 active cases of respiratory disease and 42,423 people have recovered since contracting the virus.

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After getting a lot of reactions from health experts and others, state health officials have recently separated the two types of testing rather than combining different sets of data. Critics argue that combining the two data sets makes the testing rate very high. Amid such criticism, state health officials are now separating virus tests from tests for antibodies that will show if a person has contracted the disease and recovered.

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According to the statistics dashboard, 1,073,491 total tests have been carried out to date – 951, 865 of which were viral tests and 102,928 other antibody tests. The population of Texas is around 29 million.

The increase in 1,949 patients reported on Sunday was greater than 1,332 new cases reported on Saturday. The number of deaths on Sunday is two more than the new deaths reported on Saturday.

According to the country statistics dashboard, the districts with the highest rates of disease are:

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