How lubricant can transform your sex life

There are various the reason why folks don’t need sex, together with feeling drained, discomfort, ache, lack of arousal, or that it simply doesn’t really feel very pleasurable.

From shopping for the costliest, all-singing, all-dancing sex toy to swinging from the ceiling while dressed as Marvel Lady, folks experiment with essentially the most weird remedies and gadgets to enhance their intercourse lives.

Proudly owning a intercourse toy firm, you might be shocked that one of the best product we’ve got discovered that clients say make intercourse higher is lubricant. This one easy, cheap addition to your intercourse life can remodel it.

Point out the phrase ‘lubricant’ in a sexual method and most of the people consider older ladies experiencing vaginal dryness throughout the menopause (because of lower in oestrogen), however sexual lubricants can profit each women and men, no matter their age.

The parable that lubricants are solely wanted for “fixing” a sexual downside must be dispelled. Many ladies, younger or previous, endure from vaginal dryness at a while throughout their life however are too embarrassed to debate the issue or search assist.

Sadly, there appears to be an incorrect assumption by means of social and mainstream media that youthful ladies don’t want to make use of vaginal lubrication as they need to at all times be moist, and in the event that they aren’t, then they’ve an issue.

Ranges of vaginal secretions range between ladies and may be affected by:

●  Stress, nervousness and relationship points

●  Hormonal adjustments resulting from contraception, being pregnant, breastfeeding and menstruation

●  Medical circumstances comparable to diabetes, uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy, full hysterectomy or immune issues

●  Drugs – contraceptive tablet, anti-depressants and allergy medicines

●  Chemical merchandise – washing powders, harsh soaps, female sprays or douches and perfumed bathroom roll

●  Lack of foreplay – ladies want extra stimulation than males do


Evan is mocked for having lube in Superbad (2007)

A 2013 study of two,451 ladies aged between 18-68 discovered that total, ladies felt optimistic about lubricants, preferring intercourse to really feel extra moist than not. 9 out of 10 ladies felt that intercourse was extra snug, pleasurable and easily higher when utilizing lubrication.

It might additionally make intercourse really feel pleasurable for males too. Having a well-lubricated penis not solely enhances pleasure but additionally prevents injury or abrasion to the fragile tissues of the vagina and penis. It might additionally assist make sexual activity last more if it feels good.

Older males additionally face challenges within the type of erection and arousal problems. Requiring longer genital arousal to achieve erections and to be turned on, the usage of lubrication can intensify pleasure, serving to to make erections last more.

By utilizing lubricants throughout foreplay or if you end up unable to have penetrative sex, you’ll be able to enhance pleasure and heighten arousal.

What lubricant do you have to use?


We at all times advocate utilizing a sexual lubricant with our intercourse toys and sometimes hear a couple of diversified and unusual number of substances that folks use as lubricants, from butter and margarine, handy cream, vegetable and therapeutic massage oils, child oil, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and saliva.

Many individuals don’t take into account what these merchandise could include, a few of which may trigger irritation, allergic reactions or thrush.

Many {couples} use saliva as their lubricant, however it’s extra watery than slippery and dries out rapidly.

You should take into account what kind of lubricant you need to use as some lubricants, which create tingling sensations or are dyed, could cause allergic reactions or irritation. There’s nothing worse than a burning vagina or penis.

Water based mostly lubricants

Water based mostly lubricants are essentially the most versatile of all of the lubricant sorts as they’re secure for all sexual actions, even to be used with silicone intercourse toys. These are the preferred selection of lubricant, being cheap, non-staining and lots of may be ingested in small quantities throughout intercourse. They’re additionally secure to make use of with latex condoms and diaphragms.

Many ladies like YES water based lubricant as a result of it really feel extra like their pure vaginal lubrication. YES can also be absorbed into the tissues of the vagina, serving to to nourish and preserve them versatile.

Water based mostly lubricants even have the additional benefit of being extremely straightforward to clean off after use, leaving your pores and skin clear, silky clean and freed from any residue. In the event that they do dry out, you’ll be able to add a bit of extra or reactivate them with water.


Oil based mostly lubricants

Oil based mostly lubricants give an awesome long-lasting, silky clean expertise and being thicker and extra creamy in nature, they last more throughout intercourse. They’re nice to make use of for masturbation, however remember that they don’t seem to be secure to make use of with latex contraceptives.

Each water based mostly and oil based mostly lubricants can be utilized collectively throughout sexual play.

Silicone lubricants

Silicone based mostly lubricants final a really very long time, are nice for enjoyable within the water and are secure to be used with latex condoms. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to be appropriate to make use of on silicone intercourse toys as a result of they are going to injury the floor. Give Lube silicone based mostly lubricant doesn’t include preservatives, is dermatologically secure, and moisturising.

Petroleum based mostly merchandise

Petroleum based mostly merchandise are finest averted as they’re troublesome to clean off and should trigger irritation by altering the pH of the vagina, which may result in yeast infections. In addition they destroy condoms and latex merchandise.

Just a little goes a great distance

Some lubricants are available in tubes and applicators, making it simpler to use the lubricant precisely the place you need it to go. And a ultimate tip – squirt a small quantity in your hand to heat it up first, somewhat than making use of it immediately onto the genitals.

Samantha Evans is a former nurse, sexpert and co-owner of on-line intercourse toy retailer

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