A 30% increase in divorce in Italy after the couple spent 10 weeks lockdown together | Instant News

There has been a huge surge in the divorce process that was noted in Italy after the country came out of one of the most stringent closures in the world.

For ten weeks, couples and families are forced into the confines of their homes, because businesses and schools are closed and there are strict restrictions on people who go outside to exercise and shop for groceries.

Even couples who get along well before lockdown is introduced suffer from relationship disruptions because the restrictions exacerbate problems in marriages that can be ignored beforehand – such as couples leaving toilet seats, spending too much time on their cellphones or not helping childcare.

Based on Telegraph, Italian lawyers report a massive 30% increase in couples who ask about, or start, divorce proceedings after they are free to leave their homes.

A woman in Rome told the outlet, “I can’t believe how unconscious my husband is with the needs of children. He can make two toddlers bounce over him and still be glued to his phone.”

Various divorces are given after the hearing is done via videolink (Getty)

Family lawyer Valentina Ruggiero urges couples not to rush into divorce, instead of spending time exploring whether marital disruptions are a direct result of lockdowns.

He said: “Given the great emotional pressure from the lockdown, my suggestion is for couples to evaluate whether it’s a passing crisis or whether the relationship is really at the end of the line.”

With the court closed for locking, some judges have heard the divorce proceedings via video conference, as long as the couple has agreed to their divorce terms such as custody and asset distribution.

Italy is not the only country to experience a surge in divorce proceedings since it was locked up – China and Saudi Arabia have also reported increases of up to 40% in some cases.

In Ireland, lockdowns have produced a strange history made, as divorce online was given for the first time, with all parties involved appearing through the video link for the trial.

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