• Every year, wildflowers bloom in the fields of an Italian village in Umbria between May and July.
  • The fields are filled with poppies, corn flowers, orchids, daisies, violets, and other wildflowers.
  • The village farmers made sure not to use pesticides, and when the fields were not a sea of ​​wildflowers, farmers planted and harvested lentils.
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Starting with a few buds. Then in May, colorful wild orchids bloom, followed by yellow tulips. In June, the field develops with a yellow corolla and bright red poppies. Finally, July came and a dark purple corn flower opened its petals.

That blooming flower create color mosaics in the fields of the Italian village of Castelluccio.

Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the village flowering, or flowering.

Look at the striking fields.

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