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A mystical country like everywhere else, Italy is still and always will captivate travelers. Combining scenery with breathtaking views, simple and delicious cuisine, hotels with perfect charm … This is Italy in the spotlight of a series of beautiful settings Instagram an account where you can find great and tempting locations recipe.

Italian Secrets

Led by Marina Cacciapuoti, that Italysegreta The account brings together beautiful vintage visuals, inspirational photos, and inside locations. During confinement, he also launched a hashtag #italyfromawindow, who discovered Italy through a variety of different windows throughout the country.


With Marie-Louise SciĆ² at the helm, creative director of some of the most beautiful hotels in Italy (Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Old Post in Rome and Il Mezzatore in Ischia), Issimo bringing together what Italy does best. What was found? A collection of fashion and decorations, recipes, good films, and even small black books.

Italian kitchen

An ode to Italian cuisine, Italian kitchen share his best Italian specialties on his Instagram account. On the menu? Spaghetti recipe with bottarga salad, tomato and mozzarella, pizza sprinkled San Daniele ham, tiramisu … In short, everything we like to eat in Italy.

Elena Braghieri

Photographer and globetrotter, Elena Braghieri feed his Instagram account with beautiful photos and gift locations. Palermo, Pantelleria, Filicudi … We followed him blindly.


Led by an Italian Instagrammers army, this account reveals the best places in the whole country. In the program? Travel to the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome or to Gaiola Island, a small black book Capri, and even ideas for reading while relaxing Lake Como… every post inspires.


Catching children who are playing in the harbor Naples, a cinema opens in Bologna, or wild bays at Sardinia … Whatitalyis reveals beautiful scenes of Italian life from all over the country.

Translated by Constance Caiola

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