‘The Bachelor’ Alum Caila Quinn Cancels Her Marriage in Italy | Instant News

Alumni “Scholar” Caila Quinn and her fiancé Nick Burrello canceled their marriage in May 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caila and Nick originally planned to have two weddings, one in Italy and one in the Midwest for those who couldn’t travel abroad. On his blog, Caila together on Monday, “We are pleased with our decision to hold two ceremonies and try to make our international dreams come true, on March 11 2020 COVID is striking and have other plans.”

“We are holding on to expectations as long as we can, but with travel to Europe still prohibited for 6 months – we had to make the tough decision to cancel. After weeks of sleepless nights and commuting we finally know this is the right thing to do. And we need to do the right thing, “continued Caila. “Due to concern for the health of our loved ones and the unpredictable international travel due to COVID-19, our marriage in Italy has to be canceled & with that, we have to start all over again in the United States.”

In September, Quinn had a heart-to-heart conversation with her friend, which showed that the pandemic was not going away soon. A month later, she asked her parents for advice, with her father saying, “Caila, the right thing to do is cancel.”

Caila thought, “He made a great analogy and said,“ It’s almost like you and Nick betting on a horse with a broken leg. This marriage has been teetering the whole time. It’s sweet you think it will heal and get better next year, but it won’t. It’s okay for you and Nick to bet, but now your friends & family are starting to consider booking a trip – do you think it’s right to encourage them to take the same risk? “

After his conversation with his parents, Quinn “knows it’s time to cancel”. He added, “And like that, I felt like I could breathe again. I wanted to do the ‘right thing’ and for a long time couldn’t see what was among the clouds. “

After discussing the idea of ​​cancellation, Caila and Nick “came to the same conclusion.” He noted, “He’s always been more realistic about the possibility of a cancellation, but he loves me so much that he will fight for Italy as long as he can.”

Before ending her blog post, Caila advises those who are experiencing the same dilemma. She wrote, “I want all of you to become COVID brides, I know this decision will not be easy. But know that your selfless choices do not go unnoticed and your relationship with your partner will be stronger than ever. ”

Caila and Nick have been together since 2017. She asked the question in January in Sarasota, Florida, while they were visiting her grandparents. At that time, he was was told Us Weekly, “I feel very lucky because I feel I wasn’t meant to go to the show to find love there. I should have gone to the show to find Nick. If I weren’t on the show, I would never have met him because I would never have been a blogger and that’s what introduced us and set us up on our first date. So, I think it all happens for a reason and I thank God every day. “


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