Letter: ‘Mafia Bills’ offends this Italian-American | Letter | Instant News

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As an Italian-American, I find the use of the word “mafia” inappropriate and insults and insults Italians. The word has nothing but negative connotations and has been thrown at us in slanderous ways for decades.

While Buffalo supports the removal of the statue in honor of the Italian-American hero, Christopher Columbus, Buffalo supports the use of the name criminal organization, an organization founded by thugs who prey on their own people, murderers and suppliers of drugs and extortionists, to represent a Bills fan?

“Mafia” clearly insults Italian-Americans like “Redskins” are to Native Americans. Do you support using the Ku Klux Klan image for any South NFL team? No, you wouldn’t, and both organizations were founded by just as disgusting humans.

I was surprised that the Italian Buffalo organization did not object to the use of the word “Mafia” to represent Bill’s fans. If Buffalo is going to kneel at the feet of the PC god, then do it all in all.


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