April 21 2020, 15:39 | Updated: April 21 2020, 18:01

When the Italian city is famous for its violin continues to fight against COVID-19, sweet solos that echo high above the roof.

A violinist has made a sincere tribute to Italy frontline hero from the hospital roof, in the middle corona virus pandemic.

In the video (see above), we see violinist Lena Yokoyama positioning herself a few floors above the ground at Cremona hospital in northern Italy.

Seemingly unaffected by height, he lifted it violin and began to play a compelling song from Ennio MorriconeS sOboe Gabriel‘, Using the best vibrato.

When the melody surged out during an unprecedented global crisis, hardworking hospital staff and groups of visitors paused to enjoy the beautiful music.

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The violinist plays for Italian health workers from the roof of the Cremona hospital

The violinist plays for Italian health workers from the roof of the Cremona hospital.

YouTube / Pro Cremona

This is not the first time Cremona is celebrating the vote violin – The Italian city is known for its beautiful violins and violins, all made by hand by Guarneri, Antonio Stradivari and the Amati family – during the 16-18th century.

Now, Yokoyama moves people with his art as he plays for those affected COVID-19 – and since his inspirational clip was shared on YouTube last week, he has had more than 143,000 views.

In the title for the video, the Italian tour tour agency, Pro Cremona, wrote: “For a moment, the sound of a violin replaced the ambulance siren. So everyone knows that we are there. So everyone knows that Cremona continues to struggle.

“Listening in Cremona, from the symbolic place of the battle at COVID-19, a tribute to all who fought, to all who have not succeeded, to all who have won.”


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