The Italian yeast company works full tilt as a lockdown loom | Instant News

Italians are sure they will find yeast on supermarket shelves, hell or high water.

There is absolutely no need to attack supermarket shelves and stockpile on yeast amid a possible lockdown, be it local or national, as Italy is battling a second wave. covid-19.

This is a message from the Yeast Group of the olive oil producers association Assitol Italian, reassuring consumers that they will find the yeast no matter what.

The promise came as Italy tightened restrictions, with certain regions already in “soft lockdown” mode, and doctors called for a total lockdown.

During the national lockdown in the spring, many Italians discovered – or rediscovered – the art of bakery.

While supermarkets in other countries on lockdown sold out of toilet roll, Italian supermarkets were selling yeast.

“We have worked hard throughout the year and we will continue in the coming months, realizing the importance of this ingredient in our daily lives” – Paolo Grechi, president of the Assitol Yeast Group told the Adnkronos news agency – “Consumers can be reassured: we will be in their side is also at this difficult time. “


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