Former Boise State star Derrick Marks returned home after being isolated in Italy because of the corona virus | Instant News

“I haven’t been able to exercise. I haven’t been out of the house for about 10 days,” Marks explained before he could return to the state.

TORINO, Italy – Update: Italian Serie A League officially canceled their season last week. Since then Derrick Marks has traveled back to the United States. “My trip was easy and safe,” Marks confirmed via text message on Thursday morning.

Former Boise State basketball star Derrick Marks has never gone so far without shooting in the ring while having a clean health bill.

“I haven’t been able to exercise. I haven’t been out of the house for about 10 days,” Marks explained.

“I have basketball at home. I try to work with it at least so I can work on my forms,” ​​he continued. “Technically I shoot the ball every day. But in the ring? I haven’t shot the ball in the ring since March 8.”

Today, the 26-year-old professional basketball player sits alone in his apartment in Torino, Italy, the center of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Right now, almost everything has been closed,” Marks explained by telephone from Italy. “The only things open are banks, pharmacies, and grocery stores. If you don’t need anything from those three places, you pretty much stay in your house.”

“There is a lot of isolation,” he added.

It has been almost five years since Derrick Marks experienced what he described as the greatest moment of his basketball career.

“March Madness. I think the best moment is knowing that we made a tournament,” Marks recalls the 2014-15 season at Boise State, “being on TV and knowing that we succeeded.”

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The stage is set. The lights are bright. Childhood dreams have just turned into reality for the second time in three years.

This achievement strengthens Marks legacy as one of the best in the history of the program. He ended his career with 1,912 points, the fourth highest point by Bronco. He also led Boise State to the only Mountain West Ordinary Season Championship in 2015, the same season he became the first player in the history of the program named Mountain West Player of the Year.

Since Marks’ colleague playing career ended on the field in Dayton, Ohio, in the NCAA Tournament, he has been chasing another dream about half his journey around the world.

Marks has spent the better part of the last three years playing professional basketball in Italy.

“I think I have improved a lot as a professional,” Marks said. “Individually, I play well. I don’t feel this is my best year statistically, but I know entering into this situation, where I will be in a championship-caliber team, it won’t be everything about me.”

The last offseason mark was signed with Reale Mutua Torino in the Serie A2 Italian League. He averaged 15.2 points and shot 50.0% from the field for the team in first place when the league was suspended from playing in early March.

“Our season is going well,” he said. “We came to the season as one of the favorites to win it all. When the season was canceled, we were in first place.”

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Since then, Marks over-or-losers has carried out his own quarantine. He now plays the game waiting to see what’s next for the Italian Serie A2 League.

Will the game eventually continue? Or will they officially cancel the rest of the match on schedule, a move that will allow Marks to return to the state?

“To be honest, I think a lot of people see it when the season is over,” Marks said, “especially with the new information coming today about Italy, they have more deaths than China. That is not too encouraging.”

Despite everything that happened, Marks saw himself lucky.

“I have been healthy all this time,” he believes. “As far as having symptoms, no, I haven’t.”

In addition, he also plays for an organization that does everything they can to accommodate their players because the virus continues to destroy Northern Italy.

“They take care of everything,” said Marks from Reale Mutua Torino. “They have assured us throughout everything that we will be paid for. They are trying their best to keep the players calm because there are teams here who cannot pay their players.

“Luckily, I’m in a situation where that’s not what happened to me.”

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