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BOLOGNA, Italy, November 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Technology has reduced the distance and so has the 2020 edition of Asia Fruit Logistica Online, an exhibition dedicated to the Asian market that runs from the 18thth up to 20th November. Italy’s presence has been confirmed as well this year, thanks to a collective stand organized by Italian CSOs for promotion European Taste Art: Italian Fruits & Vegetables.

This project, in fact in its second year of activity, aims to promote the excellence of Italian fruit and vegetables in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and represents the most important Italian companies as: Oranfrizer, Apofruit, Origine Group, Ceradini Group, Mazzoni, RK Growers, Jingold, Joinfruit e Conserve Italy. The booth organized for the Asia Fruit Logistica has become an opportunity to present, during three events in live recording, the protagonists of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector in Asia, with moderation Bianca Bonifacio, Responsible Internalization for Italian CSOs.

The first day of the exhibition is dedicated to Apofruit who is represented by Renzo Balestri, Origine Group with Reen Nordin, and Fruit of the King with Iulia Iordache. The three professionals have presented the characteristics of Italian kiwifruit and the peculiarities of the sector. Q&A has seen participation, with inquiries and information, between the host and the many buyers and journalists who attended the conference.

The first day of the presentation is available here https://youtu.be/jiTVyagceRg

On the second day, the company in focus was Jingold, represented by Federico Milanese, and Oranfrizer with Sara Grasso. The main point touched on is the segmentation of Kiwifruit offerings by Jingold, with an interesting overview of the varieties from red, yellow and green to vitaminic maxi. The Oranfrizer presentation focuses on them Red Orange, cultivated in Sicily and spread throughout the world, with detailed presentations on the characteristics of fresh and processed fruit.

The second day’s presentation is available here https://youtu.be/PZilzhW2T-8

The last day saw the participation of RK Growers with a presentation by Kevin Au Yeung which has highlighted the products and brands of people who are truly engaged in the Asian market. Nicola Borgatti has presented the activities of the Mazzoni Group at Asia, for fresh kiwifruit, with green or yellow flesh, while for frozen fruit & vegetable products.

The third day’s presentation is available here https://youtu.be/B0WpLNGgs0U

Italian fruit and vegetable exports came in Asia continues to develop, despite the problems caused by Covid-19. European Taste Art: Italian Fruits & Vegetables The project will also continue in 2021, while promoting the value and quality of Italian natural excellence, with special communications and promotional actions to support knowledge of Made in. Italy in Asia.

For more information and details: www.europeanartoftaste.com; www.europeanartoftaste.ch

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