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New Yorkers are not great at home, at least not compared to the Italians and Spaniards who were hit hard, he said track data released by Google on Friday.

In New York State, pedestrian traffic fell 68 percent at transit stations and 47 percent in parks on March 29, amid a coronavirus epidemic, compared to 88 and 89 percent in parks. Spanish and 90 and 87 percent in the year Italyeach.

Although there have been a total of 4,159 deaths – at least in five regions – to date.

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New Yorkers increased home time by 16 percent, while Spain and Italy increased their time in residential areas by more than 20 percent. It should also be noted that time spent at work is only reduced in New York by 46 percent, while in both European countries it fell by more than 60 percent.

The area that seems to follow the most distant social rules is Manhattan with around 80 percent reduction in subway / transit and park visits. Brooklyn and Queens fell behind with a decrease of 63 percent and 55 percent and 75 percent and 52 percent respectively.

Seeing that people are still swarming dog park and playground, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently closed it to the public.

And if you’re wondering, the insights in this report are sent anonymously by users who have Location History the settings are turned on. You can choose to turn it on or off at any time from you Google account and can delete location history data from you timeline.

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