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Niccolò Paganini was a spectacular man violinist – so talented that people believed he had made a deal with the devil.

During his final years, Paganini’s health deteriorated, and after the casino he was founded Paris proven to be a failure, he fell into financial ruin. He immediately left Paris for Marseilles, then went to Very nice. His condition worsened and the Bishop of Nice sent him a local parish priest to perform the final rites, but Paganini refused, thinking it was too early. A week later, he died at the age of 57 from internal bleeding. His death occurred so quickly that a pastor could not be called in time to perform his final rites.

Rumor has it, that because of this and his connection to Satan, the Catholic church refused Paganini’s body to be properly buried in Genoa, where he was born. Four years later, the pope allowed his body to be transported to Genoa, but he is still not buried.

In 1876, 36 years after his death, Paganini was finally buried in the city cemetery at Parma, more than 100 miles from Genoa. Seventeen years later, Czech violinist František Ondříček asked Attila, Paganini’s grandson, to allow him to see Paganini’s body. After that, in 1896, Paganini’s body was finally reburied in the new cemetery in Parma, where he still rested today.

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