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We all have that quarantine foods – foods you rely on so much that you may not want to taste them again once we’re on the other side. It’s easy to fall into rote eating habits when we’re tied to our fridge, which is why when we actually feel something. surprising and good, it’s much more special.

A new taste that keeps me awake is coming Ugly face Fernet Pianta. Dark and cloudy, sweet yet bitter, black licorice liqueur flavor, made with herbal ingredients such as chicory root and fresh peppermint. Mixed with Coca-Cola, it makes for the perfect afternoon caffeine jolt. (This combination is a popular repetition in Argentina.) San Francisco, I recently learned, it is popular as an injection chased with ginger. My friend likes to drink tea as an evening drink.

It comes from Faccia Brutto Spirits, a new distillery at BrooklynThe Bedford-Stuyvesant Ward opened by Patrick Miller, formerly of Rocket salad, an Italian restaurant on Boerum Hill. (And yes, he knows the name is grammatically flawed in Italian.)

Miller’s team makes five types of organic Italian-style amary (an alcoholic drink that has been given a bitter taste and is flavored with herbs, such as Food 52 explained), including the fernet and aperitivo. In opening a still, Miller wanted to bring something new to a beverage market that was filled with craft beer, and filled an unmet need. While amari is popular in Europe, it is not something you will see on the average restaurant menu in the US

In making drinks, New York’s bustle and passion inspire him, as do his memories of Italy. “The last time I walked in Italy six years ago, “he said. “We travel to Monterey for family vacations. After my meal, I drank a local amari that you will never find here. Because a guy on the other side of the mountain makes 200 bottles a year, and they happen to have them at this one restaurant. So it is certain to be informed by that. “

I have to admit, my first encounter with fernet – Fernet Branca, when I was in Italy a few years ago – wasn’t very positive. It had a shoe polish scent and was too bitter for my palette at the time. The Faccia Brutto iteration is softer and easier to drink than the first I tried.


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