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TORRILE, ITALY – EQS Newswire – March 8, 2021 – OTELLO CECI 1813 The famous Lambrusco, feather on the lid of Italian wine CECI 1938 – a company with 80 years of history – has been confirmed as a best-seller in Japan for 2020.

CECI 1938 exports a culture of Italian excellence and a distinctive taste of Bel Paese, of which Lambrusco is an outstanding example. With OTELLO CECI 1813, the company has gone one step further, combining product quality with special attention to bottle design, the world’s only one with a square base.

An expression of contemporary lifestyles, with CECI 1938 Lambrusco being the manifesto for a youthful, carefree lifestyle, a true poem for the hospitality and joy this wine expresses through its red bubble charm. Lambrusco is also one of the few red wines that should be served and tasted cold.

With hashtags #LambruscoTasteOfItaly and #LambruscoCeciPeople CECI 1938 invites wine lovers and curiosity to share the closeness to this lifestyle and join the global community.

“We are proud of our Lambrusco, which has been our specialty for more than 80 years. Over time, we have carefully developed it to make it even more attractive and, most importantly, suitable for a wide variety of foods. Today, OTELLO CECI is unique and unmistakable. again. We have been exporting to Japan for about 15 years, and since 2017 cooperating with Japan Europe Trading. It is enjoyed by young people, who are aware of its incomparable tenderness and taste, authentic Italian products, able to become the center of attention at times unforgettable “, said Maria Paola Ceci, President of CECI 1938.

“A glass of Ceci Lambrusco is more than just a glass of wine. Lambrusco is perfect for entertaining friends because it encourages smiles, fuels happiness and generates optimism. It makes you see the world in red and live your days in a bubbly light,” added Maria Teresa Ceci, CEO of Ceci 1938.

Among friends, with family, for “Italian-style” liqueurs, at lunch or dinner, OTELLO CECI captivates with its fruity notes like cherries and berries like blackberries and strawberries. A scent of violet blossoms accompanies a spicy and pleasant mineral finish.

The ultimate lambrusco with a multi-faceted personality, OTELLO CECI has a rich palette of colors, from the rich pomegranate red on the nectar to the froth pink that forms when pouring and illuminates a glass brilliantly. A fresh, full-bodied wine with a sparkling social character and a delicate taste, to be enjoyed chilled.

Contrasting wine, whose cheerful personality combines perfectly with the minimalist contours of the stylish bottle. The latter is given a bold twist by the unusual square base, the mundane and discreet shapes adopted on the label, where the words toss each other in an exchange between positive and negative, black and gold with a vintage effect celebrating Otello Ceci, the creative visionary who set up a winery.

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Designations: Emilia IGT

Category: medium-dry semi-sparkling red wine

Grape varieties: Lambrusco

Harvest: end of September

Soil: loamy-chalky with a medium texture

Process: red vinification

Wine making: Charmat method

Alcohol level: 11% vol.

Residual sugar: 30 g / l

Total acidity: 6.7 g / l

Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C

Size: 0.75 l (Available sizes 0.75 l – 1.5 l – 0.375 l)

Code: N-35

– These data are intended as product standards

NOTE Sample

Appearance: A deep ruby ​​hue, with a vibrant, rich, persistent lather.

Nose: Intense, satisfying, tortuous. Fruity notes are reminiscent of wild cherries and berries like blackberries and strawberries. A touch of purple flowers accompanies a fun, spicy, and mineral finish.

Taste: Shocking and rewarding. Nice balance between softness, freshness, chewiness and good tannic texture. The intense nature of the aroma is confirmed by the taste, which is enhanced in a long and deep closure. A promise kept.

Recommended pair: Otello Ceci is a wine that can be played with countless pairs by varying the serving temperature. It is ideal to pair with dishes expressing common richness such as cured traditional Italian meats. It goes well with well-structured pastas and risotto as well as with middle-aged cheeses or grilled meats. It is also able to perfectly express itself as a meditation wine.

THIS 1938

Cantine CECI 1938, an international winery for more than 80 years, brings the spirit of Italian tradition to the world, along with a forward-looking vision and a relentless desire for innovation. CECI 1938 produces one of the most beloved Lambrusco wines in the world – the famous red bubble – a wine that the company has transformed over time into unique nectar, setting new standards for recognition. It is a delicate wine, a poem for hospitality that goes well with the pair; true icon of winery modernity. Online, the company tells its story via the website www.lambrusco.it, a domain registered with pride and foresight in the early 1990s.

Lambrusco CECI wines include OTELLO CECI Edition 1813 NerodiLambrusco and Lambrusco, BRUNO CECI Lambrusco Spumante Brut, TERRE VERDIANE 1813 Lambrusco and TO YOU Lambrusco Rosso.

Design played an important role in the 1938 CECI style, pushing its research into the shapes and colors used to create unusual bottles and labels, truly stylish creations with a cool twist.

The Ceci winery, founded in 1938 by Otello Ceci, went through an early period of growth in the 1960s under the guidance of Otello’s sons, Bruno and Giovanni, who made their mark in the company for the next twenty years.

Today Otello’s grandchildren, Alessandro, Maria Paola and Maria Teresa, as well as great-grandchildren Elisa and Chiara, continue the family story with their bold and distinctive choices, challenging the market with inspiration and influence from other sectors such as fashion, design and the art of traditional wine making. .

The aim is to stand out, offering an unconventional approach to one of the most traditional Italian industries, for speaking to young people in a contemporary language.

1938 CECI products distributed to 38 countries.

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