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Stanley Tucci is not only CNN’s most powerful personal tour guide Stanley Tucci: Traveling through Italy, but she’s also a style icon. Yes, the six-episode documentary may lovingly document Tucci’s travels around Italy during COVID-19, showcasing local food, cocktails, wine and history – but many viewers can’t take their eyes off the round sunglasses she is wearing. the trailer.

Want to add this simple pair of frames to your repoirtoir? Here’s the bad news, even Tucci doesn’t know who made her glasses. According to CNN PR’s Jacqueline Hernandez, the glasses are a gift. “So, he is not sure who made it because there is no branding on them,” he said.

Good news? We found some good substitutes. Here are two alternative options for the glasses that Stanley Tucci is wearing Looking for Italy You can buy now.

Oliver Peoples
Photo: Oliver Peoples

Splurge for a little over $ 200, these Oliver Peoples frames are a collaboration with estate Cary Grant and inspired by the sunglasses he wore in iconic 1959 North by Northwest. Simple and sophisticated, they match the Tucci print with a rounded design and sophisticated silhouette.

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Warby Parker
Photo: Warby Parker

This stylish budget frame from popular eyewear brand Warby Parker is under $ 100 and comes in matte black polycarbonate to match Tucci’s coveted specs. Warby Parker also lets you choose frame width, prescription lens type (including reader and even clear, non-prescription) and classic options, blue light filtering and light responsive lenses.

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