Waiting for the start of the flight back to Italy, said the Punjab-city first Covid patient | Instant News

“I am waiting for the announcement of the resumption of international flights so that I can return to Italy to return to work there,” said Gurdeep Singh, 44, from Khanoor village in Hoshiarpur district who was the first Punjab to be tested positive using the corona virus.

Gurdeep, who along with his wife and 14-year-old son landed in India on March 4, had followed his own quarantine norm of his own volition even when he recovered from infection on March 26 at Government Medical College and Hospital. (GMCH), Amritsar.

The 44-year-old man said, “I have maintained a healthy diet to keep my immune system strong. At 8 am every day, I go to the fields bringing breakfast for my brother, Ashok Kumar, and the workers who are preparing the land for sowing rice. I did not touch the food because one of my family members put it in the back seat of the car. “

“I prefer not to meet relatives, friends or villagers to avoid complications. I didn’t even go to Gurdwara village after recovering. I don’t want to be infected again by a virus, “said Gurdeep, who works in a packaging unit in Italy where he migrated in 2008.

Gurdeep said he saw his brother and the workers working in the fields from a distance and he also did some work such as cutting grass.

He returned home at 2 pm and rested in his room. “In the evening, I surf the internet to learn more about preventive measures on how to save myself from viruses. My friends also continue to send me updates from Italy, “he said.

In addition, he has reviewed updates on the pandemic situation in Italy. “In the end, I had to find out what I was going to do there because I didn’t have much to do in India,” he added.

Does he face social stigma after testing positive, he said, “On a personal note, I have not faced such a thing. The villagers welcomed me well when I left or returned from the fields. “My friends acknowledge me with a smile and warmth when I wave to them from my car,” he said.

Gurdeep said it was a very difficult time for him in Italy where the pandemic situation was worse. “This is a disease that can infect anyone. We must defeat him positively and good food, “he said.

“I was surprised to see on television many people in the market. One must understand the gravity of a pandemic. We must religiously follow social norms and other preventive measures, “he warned.


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