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Rocchetta Alta Ruins dominates the remote valley of the Volturno River in the Appennine region in Molise, in the center Italy. The original medieval settlements gathered around the impressively positioned Battiloro Castle, which was built to protect the nearby Benedictine Monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno and was originally owned by the Pandone family. His misfortune began as a result of intensive deforestation, which caused a number of landslides from the 1800s onwards. Landslides forced residents to migrate to safer sites just below the old medieval city, where they later founded the city of Rocchetta Nuova.

In the 1940s, a rather absurd fate befell what remained of the old city: the mountains of Mainarde and nearby Meta were the stage for a long military campaign. The Allies tried to break through the German Gustav Line, because the latter controlled the nearby city of Castelnuovo al Volturno. The Italian Liberation Corps managed to conquer Monte Marrone, but to produce visuals for American propaganda films, a mock battle was staged at Rocchetta Alta. The mock battle led to a bombardment of what remained of the old medieval city. Today visitors can freely explore the ruins of old houses, castles and the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Rocchetta Alta.

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