HCQ exports are being carried out in small quantities.

India has cleared exports of anti-malaria drugs – Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) tablets – to more than 54 countries around the world along with the United States.

A very high source has confirmed to Financial Express Online that, “Leaders from all over the world have reached out to India to seek help in the form of HCQ. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs handling the request has prepared two lists so far and the third is in the process of being finalized. “

“A list of 55 countries has been prepared and this is compiled based on special requests received from the leaders of these countries. Exporting HCQ tablets to these countries either in the form of aid or on a commercial basis has been decided after ensuring that there is an adequate supply for the domestic market, “the source explained.

HCQ exports are being carried out in small quantities. “Of the 55 countries – 34 will receive HCQ as a grant and the balance of 21 countries has bought this tablet from India,” the source said.

Which countries get HCQ?

Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Marshall Islands, Ukraine, Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Senegal, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Syria, Kenya, Eswatini, Tanzania, Algeria, Madagascar, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda , Oman, UAE, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

According to sources so far two lists have been prepared to send HCQ and other humanitarian assistance. “Another list is being prepared and soon India will reach out to help more countries in need.”

Expert Views

“India has begun exporting Hydrochloroquine to 55 countries in the world including Latin America and the Caribbean. What began with American comments about retaliation by US President Donald Trump goes on to tweet Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro about the Indian epic and the historical tradition of medical assistance. When COVID-19 changes the way this word functions with each passing hour pulling the string of globalization and world order as it is known throughout the world, pure humanitarian actions by countries are not only recognized but also praised. Cuba’s medical diplomacy has a long history behind it, not only providing doctors, nurses and other medical staff to other countries is also evidence of the strong tradition of medical education and facilities in the country, “Aparaajita Pandey, Asst said. Professor, Institute of Public Policy, Amity University, NOIDA.

According to Pandey, “Similar traditions of varied treatment options for both western and non-western medicine, medical tourism, generic medicines and medical research have strengthened world confidence in India’s ability to send HCQ to the world. When Latin America and the Caribbean have begun receiving drug shipments from India, this is an additional dimension to the existing and growing Indian Pharmaceutical trade in the region. Although India has chosen to provide several countries, this drug is free and this will be seen as an act of good intentions, it will also enhance India’s image as a benefactor, especially vis-à-vis China’s deteriorating image in the region, despite their claims to control virus and sending medical teams to European countries. “

“This will also open new breakthroughs for the medical industry, generic medicines, and greater collaboration between India and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in the future, especially with countries where India provides free assistance,” he concluded.

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