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At present there are only a handful of countries in the world that report zero cases of the coronavirus virus – although that doesn’t mean they really don’t have an infected population.

According to World Health Organization, there are a handful of countries on three zero continents; every country in Europe has reported at least seven cases of COVID-19, including the Holy See, along with America and Australia.

Countries that still report zero COVID-19 cases, as of Monday morning, are:


– Lesotho

– Comoros


– Marshall Island

– Micronesia

– Nauru

– Kiribati

– Palau

– Samoa

– Solomon Island

– Tonga

– Tuvalu

– Vanuatu


– North Korea

– Tajikistan

– Turkmenistan

Of course, there is reason to doubt about these numbers (or their absence). North Korea, which shares a border with China and South Korea, almost certainly has a case, but the dictatorship is unlikely to reveal the extent of the possibility of an outbreak. Similarly, reports came out at the end of March that Turkmenistan had prohibit state-controlled media from printing or saying “coronavirus” and pulling health brochures about COVID-19 from hospitals, schools and offices.

Distant locations in Oceania are more likely to have absolutely no case, even though officials in American Samoa told NBC News no testing ability to process samples, possible scenarios faced by other remote locations as well. They were forced to send samples to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta for analysis.

Many small island nations impose strict travel guidelines to prevent visitors from accidentally carrying COVID-19 with them. Nauru, an island in the Pacific with a population of around 10,000, reportedly has more than 150 tourists a year, but they have suspended most flights in and out of the country as a precaution.

For the latest global coronavirus numbers, visit WHO landing page here.


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