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Momo: New media reports try to scare parents over bizarre character despite admitting it is not real

Media reviews are trying to recommend that the unusual “Momo” character has returned, despite it not actually existing.

A flurry of reviews during the last day or so have targeted on recommendations that the character is showing in “child shark” movies in an try to terrify the kids watching them, and persuade them to interact in harmful behaviour.

Whereas it could be true that there the picture has appeared in a single or a few of these movies, they’ve most likely been watched by only a few folks. What’s extra, the character doesn’t really exist – the model that the infamous picture shows was destroyed after it rotted – which means the stories actually only refer to somebody inserting the horrifying image into videos rather than anything supernatural.

In latest months, panic has been inspired about rumours of a “Momo problem”, which was stated to see the unusual character add kids on WhatsApp, encourage violent and harmful behaviour, and curse them. Reviews additionally instructed the character was showing in movies, spliced into apparently harmless YouTube clips to be watched by kids.

Whereas it could be true that the picture was being utilized by malicious folks on-line, there is no such thing as a suggestion that’s actually being perpetrated by any type of organised group not to mention that the character can really do something itself. The newest flare-up of reviews appears to refer to easily one other try to fire up curiosity within the phenomena, which has been roughly prevalent on the web for years.

The photo that supposedly shows Momo was taken during an exhibition of horror sculptures in Japan and has been passed around the internet as a way of easily scaring people ever since.

Even the police warning that the a number of reviews made reference to made clear that the Momo character doesn’t really exist. It simply instructed that folks must be vigilant about what their kids are watching on the web.

“No, Momo doesn’t exist, it’s an outdated viral character that has resurfaced with some damaging modifications,” the police stated, in response to the reviews extensively shared on-line and printed in lots of the nation’s greatest newspapers.

“We’ve to work collectively to not permit it to unfold.”

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