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Muslims are crushed by governments utilizing the phrases ‘Islamic terrorism’, believes Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He mentioned this whereas addressing the Islamic Society of North America in Houston through video hyperlink on Sunday morning. Like every neighborhood, there are moderates, radicals, intellectuals and extremists however there is just one Islam, he mentioned, which is why it hurts when individuals use phrases like ‘radical Muslim’ or ‘Islamic terrorism’ or ‘Muslim extremist’. Utilizing the phrase Islamic terrorism creates Islamophobia, mentioned the prime minister.

They don’t view faith like we do, he mentioned of individuals within the west. He mentioned after spending years in England, he discovered that the way in which individuals there speak about faith, they simply don’t perceive how Muslims love and respect their prophet and the way a lot it impacts them when he’s ridiculed.

“We should sensitize them about this,” he mentioned. You possibly can’t use freedom of speech to harm the feelings of 1.three billion individuals, he mentioned.

We should inform the individuals in western international locations that there’s just one Islam, the Islam of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), he mentioned. It turns into troublesome for the typical man on the road to tell apart between reasonable Muslims and radicals, he mentioned, including that the entire Muslim neighborhood is tainted by this.

Each Muslim change into suspect, he lamented. PM Khan mentioned suicide assaults have been blamed on Islam due to a fable that if Muslims blow themselves up, they’ll go to heaven and get 72 virgins. However the Tamil Tigers, who have been Hindu, have been chargeable for 70% of suicide assaults earlier than 9/11 and nobody blamed Hinduism for it, he mentioned. “Nobody blamed Japanese kamikaze fighters both.”

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Terrorism has nothing to do with faith, he reminded the viewers, saying it has every little thing to do with politics. The basics of all religions are peace, compassion and justice, he mentioned. And we now have to make individuals perceive the distinction between faith and human societies, he mentioned.

We will’t focus on the worst and extremes of human society, he warned. Citing the instance of ‘skinheads’ within the UK, he mentioned when he went there in his youth, they have been rampant assaults by skinheads who beat individuals up due to the color of their pores and skin. What would occur if we appeared on the complete nation based mostly on them, he requested.

Since 9/11, all terrorism has been associated to Islam and this has created Islamophobia, which results in armed assaults, he mentioned. This has de-legitimized Muslim freedom struggles, believes the premier.

He the spoke about Kashmir and the way the time period ‘Islamic terrorism’ was utilized by India to suppress and oppress individuals. As soon as these phrases have been talked about, all worries about human rights and justice disappeared, he mentioned, including that after one thing is labelled ‘Islamic terrorism’, that’s it. “Western international locations simply solid a blind eye on it,” he mentioned.

He additionally spoke concerning the oppression of Muslims in India, not simply in Kashmir, and mentioned ISNA should use Islam’s platform to make individuals perceive the phenomena that has taken over India. He mentioned the Nazi origins of the RSS and the way its purpose is the ethnic cleaning of Muslims in India. PM Khan mentioned that’s the reason Jinnah created Pakistan, as a result of he noticed this ideology and knew the place it was heading. That’s what’s occurring in India immediately: Muslims are handled as second class residents, he mentioned.

However this isn’t like what occurred in Bosnia, he warned. This a nuclear armed nation of 1 billion individuals taken over by extremist ideology, he warned. They see no minorities, particularly Muslims, as equals and this ideology is chargeable for the bloodbath of Muslims in Gujrat and the lynching of Muslims over accusations of cow slaughter.

There are 1.9 million Muslims whose citizenship goes to be taken away in Assam and 9 million extra in Kashmir who’ve been beneath curfew for 26 days, he mentioned. Kashmir is a disputed territory and beneath a UN decision, it was given its proper to determine its personal future via a referendum. However India annulled articles of its personal structure and annexed it, mentioned the premier.

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It’s their said intention that they wish to change the Muslim majority state to a Muslim minority one, he mentioned. This can be a violation of Article 49 of the fourth Geneva Conference, he mentioned. In these 26 days of curfew, the Indian authorities has shut out all media and web and there’s no information popping out of there, he mentioned, including that they imagine that RSS goons have been let unfastened within the space and that individuals, boys, are being picked up. Round 8,000 individuals are in jail and 4,000 have been taken out of Kashmir, he mentioned. “Leaders are beneath arrest and even the opposition leaders weren’t allowed to go inside Kashmir.”

ISNA wants to boost consciousness about this, he mentioned. That is an ideology which brazenly states that Muslims don’t have identical rights as Hindus, he mentioned. And that i’m afraid it’s not going to cease right here, mentioned PM Khan. This genie of hatred is out of the bottle and it’s not simply Muslims which can be at risk, he mentioned, citing assaults on church buildings. Secular India is at risk, he warned.

The premier additionally mentioned that Pakistan fears an assault just like the February 27 one to divert the world’s consideration from the oppression in Kashmir. You, as the most important Muslim physique in North America, should play your position to make individuals conscious of what’s occurring, he mentioned, including that he’s doing his half and will probably be addressing the problem on the UN Common Meeting this month.

He urged them to take a look at the State of Madinah and the way the Holy Prophet (pbuh) informed minorities that their locations of worship will probably be protects until the day of judgement. Within the Holy Quran we be taught to respect everybody, he mentioned. He as soon as once more urged the organisation to boost its voice and mentioned most individuals don’t perceive Islam within the west and a tiny minority portrays it as terrorism. “I hope you’ll have the ability to inform individuals and make them perceive what Islam is and the propaganda towards it,” he concluded.

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