The New Zealand Teaching Council considered the complaint after the teacher wore the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to protest the Black Lives Matter | Instant News

NZTC chief executive Lesley Hoskin said in a statement that it received a report about the concerns of Aloiai’s hat and his Facebook video, and that it encouraged people to raise any issues with their schools first.

“We have received notification about concerns about Mr Aloiai and the MAGA hat and video post on Facebook,” he said.

“We cannot comment further on this because we are at an early stage considering the information we have received.

“All teachers are committed to upholding the Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession, created with and for the profession. This sets high standards for the ethical behavior expected of every teacher.”

Code including “promoting inclusive practices”, “managing my personal assumptions and beliefs”, and “respecting the diversity of heritage, language, identity, and culture of all learners”.

Hoskin said all investigations of allegations or concerns were informed by the Code and Standards, and would investigate whether a teacher had violated them.

He added that teachers are members of the community who are allowed to hold personal beliefs and opinions and are involved in civil discourse, but they must manage their assumptions and views when teaching.

“Children and adolescents must be encouraged to learn critical thinking skills and make their own judgments about political, religious, and social issues.”

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