Every week it seems to include at least one note for some dazzling new products that have just arrived at the grocery store. In general, it is best to ignore it; they will likely disappear as soon as they debut.

However, the tone includes the phrase “world’s best peanut butter” – well, that’s a bold enough to get a closer look.

Fix & Fogg High-class peanut butter has been a major blow to their native New Zealand and attracted subsequent followers Amazon where they get a solid 4 star rating despite the official price of $ 13.99.

The company has achieved enough success that it has founded America first retail presence in Houston where U.S. general manager Blake Lupton can be found distributing samples on Wednesday – Saturday starting at 10 am – 3 pm (1731 Westheimer Rd.). Buying yourself has the amenities; urns each for $ 8.99 or four for $ 35.

Not surprisingly, Lupton told CultureMap that the great secret of peanut butter starts with organically grown peanuts.

“These are Argentine peanuts,” he explained. “They have super delicious oil and dark roast meat that gives it a little taste.”

Made in Colorado from recipes made in New Zealand, the company sells six flavors: classic, super crispy, all buttered, smoked and smoked, dark chocolate, coffee, and maple. Smoke and fire featured chillies hatched from New Mexico and liquid smoke made from manuka wood, and all of them butter combined peanut butter and almonds with flax, chia, sesame, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds.

Long term, Lupton hopes to expand the company’s retail presence. Fix & Fogg recently went on sale at Central Market and hopes to be available soon at Whole Foods and H-E-B.

“It’s a matter of taste and quality versus cost,” Lupton acknowledged. “You can get Jif $ 2.99. When you try this, I think you will feel the difference. “


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