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Mellonsfolly Ranch is a full-scale replica of the city of Wyoming in the 1860s, and for a lucky businessman, it might just be the business opportunity they are looking for. The city is for sale, all for $ 7.5 million, but … in rural New Zealand. However, it’s not a bad deal for 20 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a side business!

Mellonsfolly Ranch is located at 440 Crotons Road in Ruatiti, an area on Central Plateau on the North Island of New Zealand, and it’s the only one that is around for miles. Known as Old West Towne, the farm was intentionally secluded, wanting to give a feeling of “just down the road”. A thousand hectares of native leaves, streams and landscapes surround the city, giving an authentic wild west feel.

Today, the city is operated as a boutique hotel, and although New Zealand has banned foreigners from buying homes there, this is technically a business so that anyone in the world can get it.

Property registered with an agent Ben Hawan from Sotheby’s International Realty New Zealand. See this video from the list that shows the city with all its beauty:

This unique property has 10 buildings on it, including three separate dwellings: the main house and two small houses. In addition, there are authentic and licensed salons, sheriff’s offices, billiard halls, courthouses that double as cinemas, and the causeway that runs into the city.

There are no animals on this farm (besides lots and lots of bees). This is because Mellonsfolly Ranch also operates a very profitable Manuka honey business. Manuka honey is a very profitable and valuable New Zealand export.

Wild West City

Regardless of what is done here, they will enjoy the beautiful scenery and closeness to nature, along with the amazing views. Pretty much the best of them all are here in one place. To be honest, who wants to not Want to say they own the whole city?

With all the uncertainty in the world, and so many people looking for new opportunities, this one is ripe to choose. As stated in the list. “Mellonsfolly Ranch offers a home, lifestyle and income that can change your life forever.”

Do you want to live and work in your own wild west city? We can really see ourselves calling this place home, if only we had $ 7.5 million in reserves!

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