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The Green Protein Report was launched earlier this year with support from The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand and places a strong emphasis on the ‘must’ for countries to depend on animal agriculture, especially meat and dairy, its two largest industries.

“Animal husbandry and animal exports are not the only options for maintaining a healthy New Zealand economy. In fact, in a balanced way, they do more damage than good, “The report’s authors said, ProVeg International Director Jasmijn de Boo and Professor Andrew Knight from the University of Winchester.

“Diseases, like the recent Mycoplasma bovis outbreak, have led to the decision to destroy hundreds of thousands of cattle. Scarce MPI resources are spent dealing with such diseases, while other regions lack resources. “

The dairy sector is one of New Zealand’s biggest economic drivers. According to the local Department of Primary Industry (MPI), milk export revenues are estimated to rise 8.4% to NZ $ 19.6 billion (US $ 11.79 billion) for the year ending June 2020, and even with the recent COVID-19 outbreak this, this industry came into being weathering is better than mostWith export volumes remaining stable.

However, the Green Protein report claims that despite exceptional performance throughout the year, the Costs actually costs ’Milk has not been highlighted by the company.

“New Zealand is proud of its global dominance in the dairy market and its clean green image. However, the true costs, for animals, the environment and society are not well reflected in ordinary financial statements, “Said the writer.


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