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Quality application preview which will be released later

Reducing waste, encouraging a
smaller carbon footprint, connected with neighbors and
make money while doing it. That is a beginner founder
and Kiwi Toby Skilton aims to provide New Zealand through
its peer-to-peer rental marketplace application

Currently being built as an application, Quality is a person
The online peer-to-peer rental market will be launched later
This year. Quality connects those who want something with them
who has it. Once ready, Mutu will allow New Zealanders
lend and rent daily items that they should
collect dust or dispose of as solid objects

Inspired by his European travel uses
Peer-to-peer application to find accommodation and pay attention to deficiencies
the ability to lend items of activities to do the things that he or she
love, like camping, surfing, rowing and fishing,
Toby sees potential in similar businesses throughout the world and he
hoping to bring this to the coast of New Zealand.

will provide a safe and secure space for the Kiwi to be fast
Search, compare & search items for rent based on budget
and location, these items may include outside equipment,
like surfboards and bicycles, electronics, like cameras and
drones, and renovation and DIY tools, “said the start-up
founding father.

Quality users will also get money by lending money
out items that are underused for extra cash. Lenders can
save their belongings and continue to lend them rather than
contribute to the challenges of landfill that are developing in New
New Zealand.

“New Zealanders themselves make 15.5 million
tons of garbage every year. This is equivalent to 3,200kg
waste per Kiwi, one of the highest levels in the world. Only
28% of this waste is currently recycled, ”Toby

“The appeal of our beautiful country to
International visitors means the amount of tourism will continue
to grow once we have recovered from COVID-19. While tourism
important for the economy of New Zealand, its impact on the national
waste is undeniable. We hope to help reduce this waste
numbers by encouraging loans and loans, rather
buy new items once or twice

Peer-to-peer marketer applications are common
on mobile globally – and the request is undeniable. In
The 2019 rideshare Uber application reports revenues of $ 3.16 billion
for their second quarter. Property rental application, Airbnb reports
150 million global users as of August 2019. Quality aims to
change attitudes towards ownership by encouraging
community to share, not buy.

Further information
and registration for initial access to the Quality application is
Available in

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