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New ZealandThe health minister described himself as an “idiot” because he was demoted because he violated the country’s strict locking act.

Dr. David Clark drove his family 12 miles from their home to the beach in the early stages of locking.

He also previously claimed to be driving to a park near his home for mountain biking .

Dr Clark said he had disappointed New Zealanders when the government asked the country to make a historic sacrifice by staying at home.

David Clark said he was an idiot and he understood why people were annoyed with him

“I have become an idiot, and I understand why people will be angry with me,” he said in a statement.

The country’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern said he would sack Dr Clark – who is not a medical doctor but has a degree in theology and philosophy – under normal circumstances, but said the country could not cause massive disruption in its health sector while fighting Covid-19 strain.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has demoted the health minister

Instead, he stripped Dr. Clark of his role as minister of finance and lowered him to the bottom of the Cabinet.

“Under normal conditions I would fire the minister of health,” Ardern said in Wellington. “What he did was wrong, and there is no reason.”

He added: “I hope for better, and New Zealand too.”

Dr Clark’s mistake occurred when he was also criticized for living at home in Dunedin, on the country’s South Island, rather than leading New Zealand’s response with officials in the capital, Wellington.

News comes after Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr. Catherine Calderwood resign on Sunday after making two trips to their second home during locking .

He initially planned to continue and was supported by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for “mistakes” but later released a statement on Sunday saying he had stopped.

New Zealand, with a population of nearly 5 million people, starting a four-week national lockdown in March by closing schools, restaurants, cafes and fitness centers and closing its borders for most foreign nationals.

On the first weekend, Dr. Clark drove his family from Dunedin to Doctor’s Point beach.

He acknowledged the trip to the prime minister after receiving a counterattack for another lock breach when his van, with his face on the side, photographed on a mountain bike trail.

On Tuesday, New Zealand extended a national emergency for seven days.

Health director general Ashley Bloomfield said the daily case coronavirus has dropped to 54.

This is the lowest count in almost two weeks, bringing the total to 1,160 with one death reported.

Bloomfield said he predicted the number of new coronavirus infections would continue at the same rate before declining.

Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield spoke to the media during a press conference in Parliament on April 7

A total of 65 people have recovered from the disease overnight, which is more than the total number of cases reported on Tuesday.

Despite these promising signs, officials are urging greater vigilance especially during the Easter holidays.

“Now is not the time to change our behavior,” Ardern said.


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