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A New Zealand fishermen got bigger catches than expected last week – and more aggressive too.
When Craig Sheriff went out fishing with friends in the Tasman District, he not only caught the kingfish he was fishing, but shark who snatched the line too.
Bronze whalers caught catching kingfish, had to whip his tail to escape – smacking Mr. Sherriff in the face.
A shark has snatched a good catch from a fishing hook in New Zealand. (9 News)
A shark wagging its tail to escape, slapping Mr Sherriff in the face. (9 News)

The shark swims with allure and so on.

“Normally we just cut – but Dave’s lure is $ 55 (A $ 51) so we really want to try and get him back,” Sheriff told local media 1 News.

“It took about 20 minutes to bring it to the surface and when we lifted it, that’s when the slap happened.

Dark blue

The largest sharks are caught, tagged and studied around the world

“That’s a first for me, I’ve done a lot of fishing around the world – funny little stories.”

No one was injured in the incident.

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