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To ease the burden, let’s look at what leaders who are truly competent in a crisis can do. From Washington Post:

Two days later, Ardern delivered television address from his office – the first time since 1982 the Oval Office style speech has been given – announced a Coronavirus response warning plan involves four stages, with the full lock being Level 4. A group of influential leaders called him the next day to urge to move to Level 4 …

On March 23rd, Monday, Ardern submit another statement and gave the country 48 hours to prepare for Level 4 lockdown. “We currently have 102 cases,” he said. “But Italy has done it too.”

Since Wednesday night, everyone must stay at home for four weeks unless they work in important jobs, such as health care, or go to the supermarket or exercise near their home. A few hours before midnight, my phone rang a siren when sending a text warning: “Acting as if you have Covid-19. This will save lives. ” it said. “Let’s do our part to unite against Covid-19.”

All that is needed is a leader with credibility who is telling the truth. New Zealand has one of them. We do not.

From the earliest stages, Ardern and his team had spoken in simple language: Stay at home. Don’t make contact without anyone outside the “bubble” of your household. We are all together.

He usually does this from the news conference podium where he has discussed everything from the price of cauliflower to wage subsidies. But he also regularly provides updates and answers questions on Facebook, including those done while sitting at home – maybe in his bed – in a shirt.

There are no complaints about the media. There is no paranoid raving about career civil servants who tell the truth to the country. There is no transfer of mistakes, avoidance of responsibility, or an increase in cheap daily self-esteem. But a sharp eye continues on important things, through Post:

He continued to win hearts Monday when he clarified who had actually made a list of “important workers.” … “You will be pleased to know that we regard tooth fairies and Easter rabbits as important workers,” he said, smiling. “But as you can imagine, now they will potentially be quite busy at home with their families and their own rabbits.”

Democracy in action.

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Charles P Pierce is the author of four books, most recently Idiot America, and has been a working journalist since 1976.

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