New Zealand wins the war against coronavirus | Instant News

That SARS-CoV-2 corona virus the pandemic in the US continues to get worse. China has just reopened its people. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore manage their outbreaks with the help of large contacts who track detective work. But New Zealand, which saw the first case confirmed on 28 February, is on track to stop the outbreak before it has a chance to start. It was possible thanks to the initial and decisive national action by the government.

This small country of nearly 4.8 million people can quickly contain a virus and seems to have a real chance of wiping it out completely, The Washington Post reports. On April 7, according to the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the country recorded 1,160 confirmed and suspected cases in the country and only one death. More people recovered in the past 24 hours (65) than were found to have been infected (54), indicating that local outbreaks declined.

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