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Rimini Street Inc. (Rimini Street), a global provider of corporate software products and services, has announced that it has become an approved supplier on the New Zealand Government Market through a Collaborative Market Agreement (CMA).

As an approved supplier on the Marketplace, Rimini Street has completed the open primary procurement process so that advertising agencies can now more easily get company services and don’t have to spend time and effort negotiating contract terms or prices on their own.

Rimini Street is a third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner.

While Rimini Street already works with a number of government agencies in New Zealand, including the University of Auckland, the new agreement has the potential to result in significant additional savings in enterprise software support for New Zealand government agencies at all levels, from local to central and including universities and schools.

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Rimini Street expands the leadership team to reach $ 1 billion in annual revenue by 2026

“The Collaborative Market Agreement ensures that agencies across New Zealand can now easily search for a more affordable, higher quality alternative on Rimini Street for Oracle, SAP and Salesforce enterprise software maintenance needs,” said Emmanuelle Hose, regional general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Rimini Road. “This new agreement will provide New Zealand government agencies with more options by enabling a more efficient procurement process for critical enterprise software services, while helping them optimize their IT spending.”

Agents will now have greater access to Rimini Street services including provision of support and maintenance for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce enterprise software implementations.


Last year, Rimini Street signed a Whole Government volume sourcing agreement with the Australian government and has since added more than 10 agencies through the agreement.

All Rimini Street clients, both private and public organizations, benefit from the company’s flexible premium-level software support model, including a 10-minute Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time for all critical Priority 1 cases. Client will also be appointed as a Primary Support Technician, supported by a team of functional and technical experts, with an average of 15 years experience in client software systems. Rimini Street also guarantees support for the client’s current enterprise software systems for a minimum of 15 additional years since their transition to Rimini Street.

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