NZ Grocery’s Code of Conduct goes to a parliamentary stage as suppliers fight for their rights | Instant News

The debate over establishing a Grocery Code of Conduct for supervising supermarkets has been going on for some time, but things are becoming very hot in the last yearAfter New Zealand’s main wholesale chain Foodstuffs made changes to its buying model, it was seen by many as hurting food companies from producer to supplier.

This appears to accelerate progress on coding and calls for its mandatory implementation, which NZFGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich told the House of Representatives in Parliament recently.

“[NZFGC has requested that] The House of Representatives supports the establishment of a mandatory Grocery Code of Conduct for supermarkets, similar to those in Australia and the United Kingdom, “Rich said through the petition.

“[This is crucial] to address the potential abuse of market forces against food and foodstuff producers arising from New Zealand’s highly concentrated wholesale retail market – person We have the most concentrated ownership of supermarkets in the world with more than 95% controlled by two retail teams. “ person

The two retail teams mentioned are Foodstuffs (New World, PAK’n SAVE, Four Square) and Progressive Enterprises (Countdown, SuperValue, FreshChoice). person

“When there is a degree of dominance in the market, it’s good to have a clear basis for acceptable business behavior [and] such a code in New Zealand would provide a clearer framework for business dealings and negotiations in the wholesale sector person , “He said FoodNavigator-Asia.


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