Woman jailed for a Welshpool accident that killed her beloved son and sister | Instant News

King drove on the wrong side of the road several times, reaching more than 45 kilometers per hour above the speed limit before his silver Ford Falcon crashed into Thorsager’s Kawasaki.

The accident tore the front wheel and fork off the motorcycle, implanting it in front of King’s car, while Mr. Thorsager was thrown to the threshold.

His helmet was found 30 meters across the highway while his motorcycle caught fire.

The 24-year-old man, whom his family called “full of life” and his best brother, died in hospital a few moments later.

King crashed into a pole and escaped from the scene on foot, but was arrested a few moments later.

He was charged with a series of violations and detained.


In his interview with the detective, he fights, constantly advising the police to be blamed because they don’t stop chasing him, calling them dogs that don’t cancel the chase because they want to “screw him up”.

Superior Court Judge WA Bruno Fianacca said during his sentence on Wednesday that police ended the chase as soon as the King drove to the wrong side of the road.

King was initially accused of murder but was later upgraded to murder.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday and was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

In WA, crime killing is an act in pursuit of an unlawful purpose that might endanger lives, and there is no need to intend to kill or cause injury.

“King made a conscious and deliberate decision to drive in a way that he said would force the police to stop their pursuit,” prosecutor Adam Ebell told the court.

“He drives with a fake registration plate, he drives without a valid license and he drives after consuming methamphetamine.”

Judge Fianacca said the accident was “the culmination of a shocking act of reckless behavior”, describing the dash-cam footage of the chase as frightening.

“Your intentional and dangerous actions take the life of a young man who uses the road legally and has the right to believe that he can do it safely,” he told King.

“The punishment I applied could never reflect the value of Mr Thorsager’s life or the loss suffered by his family.”

The court heard King’s car attracted police attention because the stolen plate had been involved in a high-speed chase in the previous two weeks.

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