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The global pandemic has killed more than 295,000 people and infected more than 4.3 million as countries reduce restrictions. Here are more developments related to coronavirus for May 13:

Nurses treat patients suffering from coronavirus at the intensive care unit of Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, April 14, 2020.

Wednesday, May 13

More than 100,000 patients recovered in Turkey

The latest figures in Turkey show that the number of patients in intensive care units has dropped to under 1,000 for the first time.

More than 100,000 patients have also recovered from this disease.

Fifty-eight new deaths were reported during the past 24 hours totaling 3,952, according to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

From 33,332 tests conducted during the same time period, 1,639 new cases were detected, increasing the total cases to 143,114.

Koca added that the country’s R0 value was 1.56 percent.

Concerns over Tanzania do not release virus data

The United States said Tanzania has not released Covid-19 data in two weeks because of concerns about the actual number of cases there.

The World Health Organization also openly worries about Tanzania, whose president questions the testing of the virus of his own government and refuses to close the church in the belief that the virus cannot survive in the body of Christ.

A new statement by the US embassy warned that the risk of being infected in Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam commercial center was “very high” and said many hospitals in the city were overwhelmed.

It said “all the evidence shows exponential growth” in the case in the East African country. The country has more than 500 confirmed cases and 21 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Africa.

Turkish children are out for the first time in 40 days

The park is filled with children’s voices because Turkey allows children aged 14 years and under to leave home for the first time in 40 days.

The youngest population in the country is allowed to roam for four hours between 11:00 and 15:00 on Wednesday as Turkey relaxes some restrictions.

Young people aged between 15 and 20 will be able to leave the house for several hours on Friday, while senior citizens are briefly allowed out for the first time in seven weeks on May 10.

Turkey has recorded more than 140,000 cases of the virus and nearly 4,000 deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Norway opens its borders with Europeans

Norway opens its borders to allow people from other European countries to enter Scandinavia if they have a place to live there or have a family they want to visit.

Justice Minister Monica Maeland said on Wednesday that Norway, which is not part of the European Union, is opening up to residents of the European Economic Area, which includes EU member states, Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein. The last three countries have together with Norway signed an agreement that gives EU non-member access to the EU’s large single market.

Maeland said in a statement that it also meant, among other things, that seasonal workers would have the opportunity to enter Norway.

Indonesia confirmed 689 new cases of Covid-19

Indonesia has reported more than 600 new cases of Covid-19 for the first time since the country confirmed its first case in early March, bringing the national total to over 15,000 on Wednesday.

There were 689 new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours bringing the total to 15,438. The cumulative figure includes around 1,000 deaths and nearly 3,300 recovery.

The highest spike in one day came when the government considered plans to start reducing social restrictions next month to allow businesses to continue operations gradually.

Japan considers part to lift the state of emergency

Japan is considering partially raising the coronavirus emergency status, which is currently in effect nationally until May 31.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo declared a month-long state of emergency on April 7 in Tokyo and six other city prefectures and then expanded throughout the country.

Japanese media said easing restrictions were expected in more than 30 prefectures where new cases of Covid-19 had declined.

Japan has nearly 16,000 confirmed cases and more than 680 deaths.

Turkish lawyer filed suit against China

A lawyer in Turkey has filed a lawsuit against China on behalf of a private company, asking for compensation for financial losses due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Lawyer Melih Akkurt said he filed a lawsuit in the Ankara First Instance Court on behalf of the company which was forced to suspend operations during the lockdown. He said it was the first commercial suit in Turkey against China, where the coronavirus pandemic began.

The claim holds China responsible for economic losses, accusing it of failing to provide timely and accurate data to the World Health Organization, hiding information about viral infections, silencing doctors and not preventing its spread.

China rejects allegations of fraud or does not respond to outbreaks in a timely manner.

Portugal revealed plans to continue preschool

The Portuguese health authority has published plans for the resumption of preschool next week.

Parents’ groups have expressed concern that it is not possible to ensure social distance at school between young children.

School classes for students ages 16-18 are also expected to be continued next week.

Portugal officially recorded more than 28,000 cases and 1,175 deaths due to the corona virus.

Lesotho records the first Covid-19 case

Lesotho records its first coronavirus case, the Health Ministry said.

In a statement, the ministry said it had carried out 81 tests for the virus from travelers from South Africa and Saudi Arabia, one of which was positive.

The kingdom, located in the mountains of South Africa, has so far been spared from the corona virus which has affected other countries in southern Africa.

The death toll of the Spanish daily is at 184

The number of Spanish daily deaths from the corona virus rose to 184 fatalities from 176 on Tuesday, the country’s health ministry said.

The total number of deaths from this disease increased to 27,104, while the total number of cases diagnosed rose to 228,691 from 228,030 the previous day.

Malaysia reports 37 new cases

Malaysia reported 37 new cases of the virus with a cumulative total of 6,779 infections.

The health ministry also reported two new deaths, increasing the number of deaths from the outbreak to 111.

The UK sees 275 deaths among health and social care workers

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the deaths of 144 health care workers and 131 social care workers had been reported involving Covid-19.

The total death toll for Britain’s Covid-19 now exceeds 40,000, by far the worst ever reported in Europe.

Russia recorded more than 10,000 cases of new viruses

Russia registered more than 10,000 cases of new viruses that continued the grim trend that had seen the country become a global viral hotspot.

Health officials reported 10,028 new cases over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of Russian infections to 242,271.

The Kremlin this week eased national lockdown to slow the spread of the virus, although increasing numbers have brought Russia to the second position in the global infection count, behind the United States.

Greece began extensive testing after the plague

Greek health and civil protection authorities have launched operations for extensive testing and contact tracing in an area in central Greece where an outbreak of Covid-19 infection has been detected.

Civil protection authorities say that successive positive infections have been recorded in Rome settlements in downtown Larissa.

Ten new confirmed infections were recorded on Tuesday, including seven in the same family.

The local outbreak caused the authorities to implement a plan that would carry out repeated testing that expanded in three phases, with the first test on Wednesday, then repeated on the seventh day and on the 14th day.

The British economy shrank by a record 5.8 percent amid the virus

The UK economy shrank by a record 5.8 percent in March from February as the virus crisis escalated and the government ordered the closure of most countries to stop the spread of the virus, official data showed.

In the first three months of this year, gross domestic product was contracted by 2 percent from the last three months of 2019, the Office for National Statistics said.

That was the biggest quarter-to-quarter decline since late 2008, during the depth of the financial crisis, although it was slightly smaller than the median 2.5 percent forecast in a Reuters poll of economists.

Austria, Germany will reopen the border in mid-June

Austria says its border with Germany will be fully reopened in a month, one of the first major steps to reopen land borders across the European Union that have been closed to combat the corona virus.

Austrian conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz pushed the border with countries with low infection rates to reopen.

Vienna is working on reopening two steps in common with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and “neighboring Eastern European countries”, his office said.

South Korea remains with a locked rollback despite a spike in viruses

South Korea says it has no immediate plans to revive strict social distance rules despite a surge in viral cases related to nightclubs in Seoul.

Deputy Health Minister Kim Gang-lip told reporters that the government needs more time to analyze the details of the recent outbreak before deciding whether to maintain relaxed social distance guidelines.

South Korea has eased on many tight social rules last week before having had about 30 new cases every day in the past few days.

Chinese cities are locked in part because of the risk of spreading the virus

A city in northeastern China has partially closed its borders and cut off transportation links after the emergence of a local corona virus cluster that has sparked fears of a second wave of infections in China.

Jilin, with a population of more than four million, suspended bus services and said it would only allow residents to leave the city if they had been tested negative for the virus in the past 48 hours and completed an unspecified period of “strict self-isolation”.

Singapore confirms 675 new cases

Singapore’s health ministry said it had confirmed 675 other viral infections, which made the city-state count to be 25,346.

Yesterday, the country announced plans to test all 323,000 migrant workers living in cramped dormitories that have become dens of viruses with around 700 infections.

Thailand reports no new cases for the first time since March 9

Thailand reports no new virus cases for the first time since March 9. Thailand has a total of 3,017 cases and 56 deaths since the outbreak increased in January.

Since the outbreak in Thailand, 2,844 patients have recovered from the infection and returned home.

New Zealand reported no new cases for the second day

New Zealand reported zero new cases of coronavirus, the second day in a row without any new cases and the fourth day since the beginning of last week.

Health Director General Ashley Bloomfield said that was encouraging news as the country prepared to ease many of its lock restrictions from midnight. Most businesses, including malls, retail stores and seated restaurants, will be able to reopen. The social distance rules will remain and meetings will be limited to 10 people.

The lifting of the restrictions will coincide with the release of the government’s annual budget on Thursday.

Cases confirmed by Germany rose 798 to 171,306 – RKI

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased 798 to 171,306, data from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases show.

The reported death toll rose 101 to 7,634, calculations show.

Pakistan topped 2,000 new cases for the first time

Pakistan passed 2,000 new cases of positive corona virus in one day for the first time since the outbreak earlier this year.

The increase came just days after Prime Minister Imran Khan eased restrictions on locking and increased the return of Pakistanis stranded abroad, ignoring requests for tighter control by Pakistani medical professionals.

Scenes of crowds crammed into markets across the country welcoming the restrictions despite the government calling for distance, which has largely been ignored by many of Pakistan’s 220 million residents.

The latest figures show 34,312 positive cases after a 24 hour high of 2,255 new cases with reported death toll of more than 730.

The researchers revised the estimated US deaths again

The newly revised coronavirus death model predicts more than 147,000 Americans will die of Covid-19 in early August, up nearly 10,000 from the latest projections, because restrictions on controlling the pandemic are increasingly relaxed, the researchers said.

The latest estimates from the University of Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation reflect “the main drivers of transmission of the virus such as changes in testing and mobility, as well as easing of policy distance,” the report said.

Mexico witnessed 353 deaths in most days of the deadly corona virus

Mexico’s health ministry confirmed 1,997 new cases of coronavirus infection on Tuesday, along with 353 additional deaths, the deadliest day since the pandemic began.

The new infection brought confirmed coronavirus cases for 38,324 and 3,926 deaths in total, according to official calculations.

Mexico’s highest daily number of deaths was Thursday, when Mexico reported 257 deaths.

A new case was reported in China

China reported seven new confirmed cases of the corona virus on the mainland on May 12, up from the day before, the country’s health authority said Wednesday.

Six of the new cases were local infections in the northeastern province of Jilin. One import case is in Shanghai, the National Health Commission said in its daily bulletin.

China also confirmed eight new cases of asymptomatic corona virus on May 12 compared with the previous 15 days.

The US Senate threatens sanctions against China

The US Republican Senator proposed a law that would empower President Donald Trump to impose sanctions on China if Beijing did not provide “full accounting” for the coronavirus outbreak.

“The Chinese Communist Party must take responsibility for the detrimental role they play in this pandemic,” said Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the sponsors of the “Covid-19 Accountability Act”.

“Their direct deception about the origin and spread of this virus consumes valuable time and world life when it starts to spread,” he said in a statement.

Brazilian coronavirus cases go beyond Germany

Corona virus cases confirmed by Brazil rose to 177,589, according to the health ministry, surpassing 170,508 confirmed German cases.

Brazil also claimed 881 deaths in the past 24 hours, a record for one day.

There are 9,258 new cases registered in the 24 hour period.

Mexico presents plans to return to ‘new normal’

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that he would present plans on Wednesday to reopen the country and the economy after several weeks of quarantine measures to curb the corona virus outbreak.

“Tomorrow, we will draw up a plan to return to new normalcy,” Obrador said at a regular press conference.

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