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New Zealand broadband wholesaler, Chorus, said it now has 105,000 users 1Gbps connection, which will be priced at NZ $ 60 per month.

During the third quarter, the company added 18,000 additional 1Gbps plans, and said the new total represented 15% of its fiber connections. On all fiber connections, it added 32,000 customers despite that reduced installation in response to coronavirus pandemic sweeping the planet.

During the three months to the end of March, the Chorus passed 13,000 extra places with fiber.

Overall, Chorus saw all broadband connections reduced by 4,000 to 1,202 million, with 4,000 added in UFB and Chorus rural areas, while the total number of fixed telephone lines dropped by 13,000, including 8,000 fewer copper voice lines in use.

In terms of data usage, monthly data usage increased 18% to 346GB, compared to the end of the second quarter. Broken, it’s 225GB for copper-based connections and 429GB for those using fiber.

Chorus also reported an 85% increase in traffic during the day.

Last week, NZ Telco Spark said the network saw what it called a 7 day weekend, with an increasing number of people working from home. The telecommunications company said broadband expenses during the day were nearly doubled, with peak broadband demand reaching 27% above the normal level, while peak mobile traffic was 22% higher. But Spark added that it has the capacity to handle loads.

In Australia, the National Broadband Network said last week was seen traffic increase of 70% daytime. However, data throughput has been subsided this week.

Meanwhile, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, said it saw speed in Australia remained roughly where they are before the pandemic happened.

At the end of December, NBN had more than 1 million fiber-to-the-premises connections and HFCs on each technology, nearly 2.2 million fiber-to-the-node users, 108.00 fiber-to-the-basement connections, 317,000 fiber-to-the-curb connections, 264,000 fixed wireless subscribers, and 46,000 on satellite connections, according to a new Australian Media Authority and Communications Report

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