New Zealand potato prices hit record highs because COVID-19 affected the industry | Instant News

Statistics New Zealand has stated that prices rose 18 percent in April to a weighted average price of $ 2.51 per kilo – the highest of all time. Entering the winter months is usually the cheapest time to buy potatoes, with the most expensive Christmas period.

Some media reports indicate the potato industry has seen a 30-50 percent increase in demand from supermarkets and a shortage of workers.

“Higher demand and a shortage of potato pickers, many of whom stay at home for fear of the COVID-19 virus, could explain this large price increase,” said consumer price manager Bryan Downes.

Food prices rose 4.4 percent to the year ending April 2020, the biggest annual movement in more than eight years. This increase was influenced by higher prices for wholesale food (up 4.2 percent), meat, poultry, and fish (up 6.2 percent), and non-alcoholic drinks (up 4.7 percent).

Potato prices rose 38 percent that year, the biggest contributor to the annual increase in food prices.

The NZ Potatoes have reacted to reported ‘record high prices’, calling the figures mentioned above ‘skewed’, because NZ Statistics reported a month when supermarkets were the only source of food.

“This means that prices are very skewed compared to the usual scenario. Usually the average price will cover all retail outlets & therefore lower, “said Chris Claridge, New Zealand Potato Chief Executive. “Farmers don’t get more money for their money. Consumers don’t pay 18% more for potatoes. “

According to a Potatoes NZ spokesperson, they have tried to deliver this to NZ Stats.


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