Pakistan Air Force Gets First Hindu Pilots | Instant News

Rahul Dev from the Sindh Province was chosen as a pilot of the Pakistani Air Force. Dev made history by doing this because he was the first Hindu pilot appointed in the Pakistani Air Force.

This news created a sensation when international media reported very unusual news in Pakistan. Rahul Dev also made headlines in Pakistan Media with his achievements.

By specifying, Rahul came from the Tharparkar district, Sindh Province, Pakistan, completed his higher studies, and managed to reach the Pakistan Air Force. Sindh Province is where most Hindus live.

All Pakistani Hindu Panchayat Secretary Ravi Dawani who knew this felt very happy for Rahul Dev because he was appointed as a pilot in the Air Force. Ravi Dawani said that if the Pakistani government focused on the minority, more people would appear to serve the nation.


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Mad Miramar to Cheer Park, this is new | Instant News

PUBG Mobile will release the highly anticipated 0.18.0 update on May 7. New updates bring a new number the features including some dramatic changes to existing maps such as Miramar. The update will be available on May 7 and the file size for the update is 1.97GB for Android users and 2.21GB for the iOS version. According to the official statement, players in different versions will not be able to invite each other.

Mad Miramar

The biggest change with the update came to the Miramar map which is arguably one of the least played maps. However, this new update adds dramatic elements to the map including sandstorms. Sandstorms can occur anywhere in the map. Map of Miramar gets several new elements. An Oasis has been added to the north of the map and Urban Ruins is now northwest. More residential areas, roads and resources have been added.

This map also gets a new race track that runs throughout the map. Racecourse paths have also been added that stretch through the map. Miramar also get a new car in the form of the Golden Mirado. However, only one unit will appear on the map.

Developers have added new vending machines throughout the map to provide painkillers and energy drinks. If you’re lucky, players can get eight drinks at a time. The game lobby has also been updated to emphasize the new Miramar map. There is a new Miramar achievement that can be obtained by completing a number of objectives.

Another big change

There is a new attachment for weapons. Canted Sight is a new attachment that can be supplemented with other scopes and act as close range scopes. This new attachment will be compatible with most assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and some rifles.

New Results Screen: A new results screen has been introduced with the new “Detailed Results” screen. On this screen, players can see detailed data of each weapon they use in the game. They can check match statistics and compare their statistics with others at the same level.

Cheer Park: This new space will be a saving grace for all friends who want to hangout in the virtual zone. This area can accommodate 20 players at any time. It has most of the basic Ground Training features, and allows players to interact with other players in real-time.

Royal Pass: Season 13 of Royal Pass will also be introduced with updates. Players will be able to access this from 13 May.

New Currency: A new currency called AG (AceGold) has been added to the game. After renewal, all Silver prizes will be replaced with AG in the event. However, events that begin before this update will stick to older currencies.


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Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma mourns the loss of their pet dog Bruno-The New Indian Express | Instant News


MUMBAI: Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma on Wednesday paid tribute to their pet dog Bruno, who died after living their lives for 11 years.

Kohli wrote emotional notes on social media to express sadness over Bruno’s death. “Rest in peace, my Bruno. Give our lives with love for 11 years but make a lifelong relationship. Go to a better place today. God bless his soul peacefully.”

Meanwhile, Anushka shares the trio, remembering their furry friends. “Bruno RIP”, he gave a caption to the photo.

The celebrated couple currently spends time in their home amid national lockdown in place to resist the spread of the new corona virus.

They have urged people to comply with guidelines imposed by the government to stop the spread of the new corona virus which has infected nearly 50,000 people and claimed more than 1,600 lives in India so far. They had previously donated Rs 3 crore to support the Prime Minister’s Aid Fund and the Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund (Maharashtra) in the ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, Kohli will lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League which is currently suspended indefinitely.


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Nearly 8 million Britons may already have the corona virus and survive, according to research in Germany at the infection rate – The Scottish Sun | Instant News


A GERMAN study of the country’s death rate could mean that as many as 7.9 million Britons have been infected with the corona virus.

Research papers by the University of Bonn show that the actual total infection may be more than 40 times the official figure in the UK, and ten times higher in Germany.

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    Britain may have 7.9 million coronavirus infections according to a study in Germany. People queue outside the post office in London when locked on May 5


Britain may have 7.9 million coronavirus infections according to a study in Germany. People queue outside the post office in London when locked on May 5Credit: AP: Associated Press

The researchers studied the city of Gangelt – one of the worst affected in Germany – to calculate that coronavirus infections had a mortality rate of 0.37 percent.

From this figure, scientists estimate that Germany must have ten times more infections than expected – potentially 1.8 million.

The official number records 166,424 infections, and 6,993 deaths, but to get 0.37 percent, you must have nearly two million infections to account for the number of deaths.

Study author Professor Hendrik Streeck says you can confidently “assume” the total number of data.

And then this same work was applied to England, taking the last official figure of 29,424, meaning the total infection must be as high as 7.9 million compared with the official figure of 194,990, more than 40 times higher.

This does not account for potential deaths that are not recorded in the equation.

With a mortality rate compared to a potential number, that means millions of Britons might have a deadly virus and survive.

Infections are widely believed to be underestimated for various reasons such as lack of testing and asymptomatic cases – and coronaviruses might even arrive in Europe in early November.

Many other factors also influence mortality – which may not be extrapolated in various countries – such as lifestyle, and countries are at different stages of a pandemic.

Germany is known to have conducted extensive testing since the beginning of the outbreak, and a large number of contact contacts to track other cases.

It is because of this that the official total infection is very high in addition to the relatively small mortality rate – with other European countries Britain, France, Italy and Spain all approaching a bleak milestone of 30,000.

German studies only release preliminary results, which have not been reviewed by colleagues for publication in scientific journals.

Prof. Streeck and co-author Professor Gunther Hartmann said the results serve as a reminder of the danger of infection by an unidentified virus carrier when countries in Europe began to reduce their locking under the threat of a second wave.


Professor Hartmann said: “The results can help to further improve the model for calculating how the virus spreads. So far the underlying data is relatively weak.”

The team analyzed blood and nasal swabs from a random sample of 919 people who lived in Gangelt to come in with a mortality rate of 0.37%.

They also found that about one in five infected people showed no symptoms of the virus.

Applied to the 7.9 million figure recommended in the UK, that means up to 1.58 million operators are completely unaware that they have the corona virus.

Martin Exner, head of the Bonn University Institute for Public Hygiene and Health and co-author of the study, said: “The fact that every fifth infection develops without clear symptoms of the disease shows that an infected person who has shed a virus and who can thus infect others cannot be identified reliably based on recognizable disease symptoms. “

He added: “Everyone who is considered healthy we meet can accidentally carry the virus. We must be aware of this and act accordingly.”

When the paper was reviewed by other scientists, the researchers said this research embraced the need for sustainable social distance.



Experts at the University of Goettingen released a study last month that suggested the national total should reach millions.

They estimate Britain already has two million people infected by the end of March, while they estimate Spain has six million people, and the US has 12 million.

Accurate figures on infections are very difficult to track, and that is what makes decisions about loosening of the lock more difficult for ministers – with unknown operators potentially spreading a devastating second wave.

More than 1.2 million corona virus tests in the UK have been carried out, but questions have been raised about whether it is enough.

Dominic Raab’s first secretary today reminded Brits that the next phase of the pandemic “will not be easy” and urges people to “not have illusions” about easing lockouts.

Britain will get the latest information about easing action when Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to the country on May 7, with two of the government’s five main tests believed to have been fulfilled before the move.

Dominic Raab warned the British that they had to adjust to the ‘new normal’ when the coronavirus locking action was appeased

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PIA resumed its relief flight operations after the Coronavirus outbreak | Instant News

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will operate four flights from Lahore today as national airlines continue flight assistance surgery after a Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the details, PIA PK-757, which treats British citizens, will go to London from Lahore, whereas, it will bring about 200 Pakistanis stranded from London to Lahore.

Special PK-203 flights on May 8 will depart for Dubai to bring back displaced citizens of Pakistan.

In addition, two empty PIA planes will depart from Lahore to Dubai and will bring 400 Pakistanis back to Faisalabad.

On the other hand, the PIA continues to repatriate stranded citizens of Pakistan abroad, where special PIA flights have reached Pakistan that bring citizens from South Korea.

Yesterday, a special PIA flight had returned a country carrying Pakistanis trapped in Turkey. 284 Pakistanis displaced in Turkey have returned home via special flights PK-784.

When the flight lands at Islamabad International Airport, all incoming passengers are checked and medically checked according to rules and regulations.

According to airport sources, samples of all passengers have been taken following Coronavirus precautions. Passengers have been moved to the quarantine center by a special medical team, sources said.

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