SAP Australia is stuck in the red for the following year despite generating more than AU $ 1 billion | Instant News

SAP Australia continues to stay red for another year again generated revenues of more than AU $ 1 billion for the year ended December 31, 2019.

For the year ended December 2019, revenue from SAP Australia was AU $ 1.19 billion, an increase of 2.4% over the previous year.

Cloud and its software provide the largest portion of the company’s total revenue, adding nearly AU $ 714 million, while its services account for AU $ 475 million.

“The company has generated growth and returned to profitability from total revenue as it continues to switch from upfront software revenue to subscription-based cloud revenue,” SAP Australia said.

The Australian SAP unit also reduced AU $ 40 million from its material costs, up from AU $ 580 million to AU $ 540 million – a 9.3% decrease year-on-year. It also paid less rent in 2019, paying only AU $ 4.8 million compared to AU $ 30 million from the previous year.

However, staff costs increased, 8.6 percentage points from AU $ 357 million to AU $ 388 million. This amount was paid to 1,255 employees.

The company’s depreciation and other costs also rose to AU $ 64.5 million and AU $ 212 million respectively, which increased 64% and 16%.

On the tax side, the company paid AU $ 642,000 in income tax.

Bundled together, SAP Australia suffered a total loss of AU $ 20.4 million, which is a slight increase from its total loss of AU $ 29 million in 2018.

Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on its operations, SAP Australia said it had a business continuity plan to respond to the outbreak, but was unable to comment on its overall impact.

“Management believes that this situation will not affect the company’s ability to provide services. Management continues to monitor the outbreak but cannot estimate its impact on the company’s performance on the date of approval of financial instruments,” SAP Australia said.

Earlier this week, SAP Australia’s parent company in Germany announced plans to notify around 9% of its 440,000 customer base security hole identified in several cloud-based products.

According to SAP, these problems were discovered after an internal review of the platform, which found that some of its cloud products did not meet one or more security standards according to law or contract.

The German software group did not elaborate on the nature of security weaknesses, because the problem had not yet received improvements in its infrastructure.

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“Business activity in the first two months of the quarter was healthy. As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis quickly increased towards the end of the quarter, a large number of new businesses were postponed,” SAP said.

Finance looks for SAP Commonwealth HANA Enterprise Cloud provisions

The department wants to be fully operational by March 2021.

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Thousands of people in Pakistan protesting the murder of activists | News & Features | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Tens of thousands of people oppose locking because of a coronavirus and a police crackdown to protest the killing of a rights activist who many believe has been killed by Islamic militants backed by the state security service.

Arif Wazir, a member of the Tahafuz Pashtun Movement, or PTM, was shot by an unknown attacker in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa last week, and died on Saturday.

Millions of Pashtuns live in what is officially known as the Federal Regulated Tribal Area near the Afghan border, which was once an al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold.

PTM was founded in 2018 to defend the rights of 35 million ethnic Pashtuns.

PTM said the military supported some militants as “good Taliban” because they only fought in Afghanistan, a charge denied by the army.

Wazir’s murder sparked accusations that the Pakistani military was involved. On Tuesday, tens of thousands of people chanted slogans against the army at a demonstration in the hometown of Wazir in Wana in the South Waziristan region.

Large crowds filled the streets and people stood on the roof of the house in photos and videos on social media.

“You can kill many of us but you cannot kill our ideology. If the plan is to scare us, then let me assure you that we are not afraid,” PTM leader and politician Mohsin Dawar tweeted.

The US and Afghanistan accuse the Pakistani army of supporting militant groups as a proxy.

Most demonstrations have taken place at night during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when people fast from dawn to dusk.

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Pottawattamie County reports 3 new COVID-19 cases | News | Instant News

Two residents of Council Bluffs and a resident of Oakland have contracted COVID-19, the latest case in Pottawattamie County.

Across the state, Iowa reported a high COVID-19 death in one day – 19 – on Tuesday.

Governor Kim Reynolds announced the death, which brought the total state to 207, during a daily press conference broadcast live. The country also reported 408 additional positive cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by coronavirus. Combining state and regional figures, there are at least 10,114 positive cases in Iowa.

Pottawattamie County has 62 confirmed cases of disease caused by coronavirus, according to Pottawattamie County Public Health. Of those, there were two deaths, 26 had recovered, 33 were isolated at home and one was hospitalized.

Three new cases were tested for COVID-19 between April 29 and May 2, the department said. One individual aged 18-40 years and two aged 41-60 years. One individual has a pre-existing condition. Two of the new cases had contact with existing COVID-19 cases and one was the result of community dissemination. These three individuals are isolated alone at home.

According to the COVID-19 website,, there are at least 767 tests conducted in the county.

Pottawattamie District Public Health said it was continuing to conduct contact tracking investigations for each COVID-19 case.

“Part of contact tracing assesses risk to the general public. If there is no risk to the general public, public health will communicate directly with the specific contacts identified in the investigation. If and when risks to the general public are identified, Public Health will openly identify locations and communicate whatever actions the community must take, “said local officials in their release.

The number of Crawford County cases jumped from 78 to 96, based on state data. Crawford District’s Director of Public Health, Kim Fineran, said the county had stepped up testing.

“We are working with the state to bring testing to the city for manufacturing and long-term maintenance facilities,” Fineran told Nonpareil.

There were 96 confirmed cases in the county, with 22 recoveries and one death. There are 205 tests in the county, by country.

Denison, the county seat, is home to several meat packaging factories, which along with long-term care facilities have been most severely affected by this disease. Fineran said he could not discuss if there were positive cases at the factory.

Nearly 1,400 workers at three Tyson Foods pork processing plants in Iowa have tested positive for the corona virus, the state reported Tuesday.

The Iowa Department of Public Health revealed for the first time that the largest workplace outbreak in the state occurred at the Tyson plant in Perry in central Iowa. There, 730 workers were confirmed to have the virus, which surprised 58 percent of those tested, the department said.

The Tyson plant in Waterloo has 444 workers tested positive, and its Columbus Junction plant has 221 confirmed infections, the department said.

The Department said that 258 workers at the National Beef factory in Tama were tested positive, as were 131 other employees of the Newton wind turbine blade factory owned by TPI Composites.

Sarah Reisetter, deputy director of the Iowa Department of Public Health, said during the Reynolds conference that the state medical director used his legal authority to release the location and scope of the five workplace outbreaks after determining the information in the public interest. The department defines outbreaks as workplaces where 10% of employees are sick or absent.

Elsewhere in southwest Iowa, Harrison County reported a 17th case late Monday, a woman aged between 18 and 40 years. Harrison County Home & Public Health said the woman was hospitalized.

The Department says anyone who believes that they might have been exposed to the virus at Empower Family Wellness, 202 E. Seventh St. at Logan, on April 28 and April 29 must isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of potential exposure and monitor for symptoms.

Two of the Harrison County cases are in isolation, while there are 15 recoveries in the county. There are already 161 people tested in this area.

Mills County announced two additional cases, making the district a total of five, with three recovery. There are 115 district residents tested, according to

Elsewhere in southwest Iowa, according to the COVID-19 website:

Shelby County – 12 cases, nine recovery, 98 tests

Montgomery County – one case, one recovery, 112 tests

Page County – nine cases, five recovery, 291 tests

Cass County – one case, one recovery, 127 tests

Monona Region – 10 cases, seven recovery, 124 tests

Fremont County – zero cases, 47 tests

During the press conference, Reynolds said there were an additional 3,000 negative tests, totaling 50,458. With 60,569 tests conducted in the state, one in 52 Iowans has been tested. Of those affected, 3,572 have recovered.

At the regional Regional Medical Coordination Center four, which includes Pottawattamie, Mills, Harrison, Cass, Crawford, Shelby, Fremont, Montgomery, Page, Adams, Audubon and Taylor County, there are three patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19, with two in intensive care. , According to The region has 209 inpatient beds available, 40 intensive care unit beds available and 66 ventilators available. No patient used a ventilator in the area. Region four remains in six on the 12-state COVID-19 severity scale.

In Council Bluffs, Hy-Vee will limit the sale of meat in metro area stores starting Wednesday.

The company said it was limiting consumer meat purchases because of a shortage of workers at meat packaging plants and increased sales of meat, noting that customers sometimes could not find the goods they were looking for.

“Because of this, we will limit customer purchases in the meat department,” the company said in the release.

Effective on Wednesday, each customer will be limited to four fresh beef, beef, pork and chicken combination packages at all Hy-Vee locations, the company said.

– David Pitt from the Associated Press contributed.


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Weather forecast is very hot and dry for Karachi today – Pakistan | Instant News

KARACHI: Very hot and dry weather is likely to occur in the city on Wednesday, the Meteorology department said.

The maximum temperature is estimated to range between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius.

According to Met department officials, the forecast for a heat wave is for three days from 5 to 7 May. Maximum temperatures range between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius.

“Today’s weather conditions are better because the sea breeze returns at night. The maximum temperature recorded today is 39 degrees Celsius, “said Sardar Sarfaraz from the Met department, adding that there was no chance of rain in the coming weeks.

He said May and June were historically hot and dry in Karachi.

The average temperature of 30 years for May in this city is 35.5 degrees Celsius.

The Met department’s estimate for Thursday is hot and dry weather with maximum temperatures ranging from 39 to 41 degrees Celsius.

Published in Dawn, May 6, 2020

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Popular Google Doodle Game is Bringing Halloween Games to You ‘Stay and Play at Home’ | Instant News

The popular Google Doodle Games series is Google’s initiative to promote the game while staying indoors during coronavirus locking. Starting with a children’s coding game called Coding for Carrots on April 27 and now, the latest doodles is a Halloween game that was first published in 2016. The latest from the popular Google Doodle game called Magic Cat Academy and originally published in October 31, 2016 to celebrate Halloween. This is a simple and fun game with various levels and marks the 8th game in a series of 10 games that are being carried out by the search giant.

How to play the Google Doodle Halloween game

That Halloween the game for Wednesday, May 6, changes the ‘Google’ banner according to the theme. The first ‘O’ is dressed like a cat holding a stick, while the second ‘O’ is animated as a ghost. Hover over the animation Google banner shows “Stay and Play at Home with Popular Google Doodles: Halloween (2016)”

To play the Magic Cat Academy game, just click on the animated Google banner and it shows you the search results for “popular Google Doodle game”. You will see the game appear with the ‘Play’ button, click on it and you will see a short intro video for the game after that, it will teach you how to play. The mechanics of the Magic Cat Academy are simple, you have to draw the symbol that appears above the ghost with your cursor to defeat the ghost. And of course, it gets harder as you progress. Like the previous popular Google Doodle game, a search results page containing the Google doodle Halloween 2016 game shows all the games released so far, in the carousel ‘From the Google doodle archive’. Two more will arrive.

Two more matches are still in the series

As we mentioned the search results page also shows you all the games, out of 10, that have been revealed. As mentioned earlier, eight games have been revealed so far starting from April 27th. The first game is Coding for Carrotsthat was earlier originally published in 2017 to celebrate 50 years of coding language for children called Logo. It has simple drag and drop code players in the right order to make their character, a rabbit, collect all carrots.

Next, Google publishes Cricket the game from 2017 on April 28 which was originally famous the start of the ICC Champions Trophy. This game makes you play as a cricket against a team of snails. As a batsman, all you have to do is click the yellow swing button at the right time when the snail throws the ball.

On April 29, the search giant was published a game called Fischinger from 2017 originally famous 117th birthday of filmmaker and visual artist Oskar Fischinger. This game is inspired by one of his quotes, “Music is not limited to the world of sound. There is visual world music ”from 1951. Fischinger (the game) shows you a large box of diamond symbols and you can click on each individual diamond to make music. You can choose from four different instruments and click the grid in any order to make music, along with visual representations for sounds. There are also options for adding effects such as’ delay ‘, bitcrush’ and ‘phaser’. You can change the tempo, use presets, and experiment with several other options to make music as you like.

April 30th came Rockmore. Beginning was published in 2016, Rockmore celebrated Rock Clara’s 105th birthday which is the most famous Theremin player. The game called Rockmore first gives you a tutorial on how to play virtual Theremin and then you play with a higher number of notes. You can also change the key, scale, octave, and waveform of the instrument.

The series continues on May 1 with Garden Gnomes, originated in 2018. At that time, that famous German Garden Day, which honors creations and traditions, places gnomes in the park to protect and decorate them. This game starts with a tradition intro and makes you throw different gnomes with different abilities as far as you can.

Then, on May 4, a game called Scoville was published. It was first made into a doodle in 2016 and then famous Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday is a chemist, award-winning researcher, pharmacology professor, and inventor of the scale for measuring “hot” pepper. This game requires you to throw an ice cream spoon into different peppers to fight the ‘heat’ by clicking at the right time in the middle of the fast-moving meter.

That was followed by Loteria on the 5th May. Lotería is the first was published in 2019 as a celebration of the traditional Mexican card game of the same name. Scribble is a virtual version of Lotería where you have to put beans on a matching card. This is a multi-player game and requires players to click on ‘Lottery’ when they have a complete line of beans on the board.

The history of the 2016 Google Doodle Halloween game, and its scope

The Halloween game was first published by Google on October 31, 2016 as a celebration for Halloween. In a post describing a doodle on Wednesday, Google shared that doodles are available in most of Europe (including Russia, Britain and Croatia), Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, parts of Africa, the US, Brazil and the Philippines .

Google's popular Halloween doodle game 2016 reaches Doodle

Google Doodle reach around the world

This initiative start on April 27 with the aim of entertaining people while they stayed at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Google said, “Because COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people and families everywhere spend more time at home. In connection with this, we launch the Doodle throwback series while looking back at some of our popular interactive Google Doodle games! “

Wednesday’s Halloween game is the eighth game in the series and two more games for Thursday and Friday have not been announced.


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