Off-duty LAPD Officer Accused of Shooting Officer in the Camping Area – NBC 6 South Florida | Instant News

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers who were not on duty were arrested on Sunday after a third LAPD officer was shot and injured at a campsite in an unrelated area near Apple Valley in San Bernardino County, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

LAPD officer Ishmail Tamayo, 44, from Ontario, was arrested for attempted murder and ordered at the High Desert Detention Center, according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

The injured officer was attacked by one round on his shoulder and flown to the trauma center, where officers were expected to recover.

The three were camping, drinking and shooting in the Stoddard Wells off-road-vehicle area Saturday night, according to an official in San Bernardino County.

The wounded officer and the officer who fired the shots were both assigned to the Newton LAPD Division south of Downtown LA, the source said.

In a statement, LAPD Head Michel Moore expressed “disappointment” and “frustration” and said, “The event that resulted in serious injury to an off-duty officer, apparently at the hands of other members of this Department, gave me great attention.” I spoke earlier the morning this with San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, pledging our full support for their criminal investigations. I am grateful that our injured officers are in stable condition and are expected to survive. I am committed to determining what and how this happens. “

The statement also said that Tamayo had been freed from his police powers while awaiting the results of criminal and administrative investigations.

SBSD said the investigation was ongoing.


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Pakistani TikTok star Ghani Tiger is asking for justice in the video after his father was brutally murdered, his brother shooting | Instant News

Ghani Tiger with his father on the left
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Crying uncontrollably and pleading for justice, Pakistani TikTok star Ghani Tiger posted an online video after his father was brutally murdered and his brother was shot in the city of Pasrur, in Punjab province on May 2.

The incident occurred in the Sialkot district, where the online star came from. In a clip that went viral online soon after being posted, Ghani said people came to his house holding sticks and pistols and brutally beat his father to death and shot his brother in the leg.

He also mentioned the alleged perpetrators involved in the video.

According to Ghani, nearly 50 to 60 people beat his father when no one was there from his family and killed him. However, he did not clearly state the reason for the incident.

He appealed to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to pay attention to the incident. Ghani said he would not remain silent until his appeal was heard between the highest official rank and justice served.

Soon after, #JusticeforDawoodButt started to become a trend on Twitter in Pakistan. People expressed their sympathy and asked for justice to be served.

Tweep @tarim_syed shared a portion of the video and wrote: “Please share as much as you can. This is heartbreaking. “

Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas, @ZaraNoorAbbas, posted: “Pierced my heart to see that even at times like this and on a day like this, a boy must ask for justice for his father’s death, online. How many more murders occur before we can get the bad guys behind bars? #justicefordawood. “

Reportedly, some of the perpetrators have been arrested by the Punjab Police, while authorities are looking for others.

Ghani updated publicly in a video shared by Police Inspector Atif Nazir, @SP_Atif_Nazir with the title: “There were many unfortunate incidents in Pasrur where the father of the famous TikTok star was killed and uploaded an earlier video, the latest video about the police effort uploaded. Listen and share further. “

In the clip, he said that the police helped the family immediately after the incident and three of the perpetrators had been arrested.

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Kidney Hill Park opens in Karachi after Lockdown Ends – Research Sharpshooters | Instant News

On Sunday, Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar announced that the Bukit Kidney Park would soon open in Karachi to the public as soon as the locking was over. This park consists of 40,000 types of plants.

The mayor visited the park recently and said that many people want the park to be opened as soon as possible but that could lead to the spread of a deadly virus.

But Wasim Akhtar stressed that all zoos, parks and other public places will remain closed to anticipate the situation to return to normal.

This park is a gift from the Karachi Metropolitan Company for all Karachi people. The park is built on a hilltop that will provide people with a beautiful view of the city.

According to the Mayor, the land for this park has been encroached upon where commercial and residential units are established but in the end, all of this encroachment will be removed by KMC.

KMC spends all its own funds. The roads near the park are all widened and there are also gate paths installed at the entrance.

KMC employees who work under Metropolitan Management Saifur Rehman management are appreciated by Wasim Akhtar for their extraordinary efforts.

The mayor of Karachi also ordered the KMC park director to water the plants in the park and elsewhere, also to cut regularly. He was further asked to look after trees and plants in other parks.

The management of Polo Ground, Taman Aziz Bhatti, Taman Bukit, Baghe Jinnah, and Baghe Ibne Qasim were told to contact their staff and ask them to work on their shifts.

All staff over the age of 55 are prohibited from working because they are more vulnerable to corona Wasim Akhtar virus orders.

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Bad guys roast Ghost and LineageOS totsers as insect bites. Salt • List | Instant News

If your kit is affected, don’t wait: an un patched vulnerability in Salt claims two famous victims over the weekend in the popular Google-free form LineageOS is based on Android and online Ghost publisher.

Patched last week, a vulnerability in the Salt configuration tool can allow an attacker to gain full control over an open installation. Initially discovered by F-Secure, the problem was patched in Salt 3000.2 and also in the previous stable release, 2019.2.4. Older releases require something more manual.

Systems that are not set up to automatically update from the SaltStack repo can be vulnerable, and a scan by F-Secure found more than 6,000 cases exposed to the public internet.

You might be able to put Ghost and LineageOS (or rather, the infrastructure) into a potential pork bucket.

Ghost?, which supports various websites and claims more than 2 million installations, the first problem reported in the small hours of May 3, 3:24 BST, but later admitted that intrusion occurred around 2:30 BST, when “an attacker uses CVE in our saltstack masters to gain access to our infrastructure.”

The outfit should be praised for its transparency, if not a slightly bizarre security practice that leads to borkage.

The complete postmortem will be released this week (and Registration contact for more information) but the effect is very severe. Both the Ghost (Pro) site and billing service for were affected and the gang had to “clean and rebuild our entire network” after throwing a new firewall and security precautions when the horse disappeared on the horizon, leaving a stable door flapping in the wind. insisted that no credit card information had been affected, and said it would be a cycling session, passwords and keys as well as reprovisioning all servers. It seems that the criminals released some crypto-mining software to the company network. The software quickly overloads the server, notifying administrators with CPU warnings.

At 9:29 a.m. BST today, estimates that all evil traces have disappeared and everything is back to normal. That said:

“All traces of the crypto mining virus were removed yesterday, all systems have remained stable, and we have not yet found any problems or further problems in our network. The team is now working hard on repairs to clean and rebuild our entire network. We will keep this incident open and continue to share updates until it’s fully resolved. “

Borkage for Lineage

Also affected was the infrastructure used by LineageOS, which experienced a blackout during the morning of May 3. The attack knocked all offline services and the team was forced to re-provide the server.

LineageOS is a free and open source OS for mobile devices, and comes from the CyanogenMod project. In early May, OS accounted for more than 1.7 million active installations.

To be clear, the attack took place at the end of LineageOS and the company quickly demonstrated that the signing key was not affected (and kept completely separate from its main infrastructure) and the building had been paused due to “unrelated problems since 30 April.”

The group then issued a tweet which added that the source code for the OS was also not affected.

LineageOS services gradually reappeared after the attack, with internal services, letters and wikis restored on Sunday. Its web-based code review system, Gerrit, returned last night, followed by the LineageOS download server and mirror this morning. ®

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Lloris wants the Premier League title to be completed on the field | Instant News

Paris (AFP) – Hugo Lloris believes that ending the Premier League season without declaring the champions Liverpool will be “cruel”, but the Tottenham captain wants the final table decided on the field.

The keeper follows the rules of British social isolation at home with his family in London, helping his two oldest daughters with their homework while trying to stay fit in case the reason starts again.

“We are in a situation where everyone wants to finish and get a verdict from the field,” Lloris told French sports daily L’Equipe. “It would be terrible if everything ended like that with nine or 10 matches left in the Premier League.”

“We have come to the most exciting, beautiful time of the season. Nobody wants it to end like this.”

Liverpool leads the standings with 25 points.

“It would be cruel for Liverpool with the advantages they have. They are practically champions.

“There will be a sense of unfinished business.”

The French captain said that continuing the Premier League without fans would be strange.

“It will be strange wherever that happens. Football is not a closed sport,” he said. “Without the audience, this is not the same sport. That is not the way I see football.

“We are here to bond, to share our emotions. We all want a stadium full, with atmosphere, fans, colors and songs.”

“But you have to consider the context.”

“Everyone must find the right compromise between health, above all, and the need to finish this season,” he added.

The British government still has not given indications when football will be able to continue.

“We have to be prepared. Just in case,” said Lloris, who was among the players to return to the Tottenham training center last week for an individual session.

The World Cup winner donated the gloves he wore when Tottenham lost the 2019 Champions League final to Liverpool in France because of a charity auction. They collected 4,800 euros ($ 5,250).

He also held a French team auction with Blaise Matuidi, Juventus midfielder, and Raphael Varane, Real Madrid defender, and raised more than 300,000 euros for a Paris hospital.

“This movement does not represent much compared to investments made by caregivers,” he said.

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