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“Hi,” said the female caller. “May I speak to John?”

“Who is this?”

“Gretchen Whitmer.”

Pause of three seconds.

Governor Whiter? “

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh ma’am,” John said, his tone apologizing. “Hi, how are you?”

That’s the question that was loaded. This special appeal, one of Whitmer’s dozens to be made on Monday, April 6, comes at a relatively calm time for the governor who has become one of the most visible political leaders in America amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But these past few weeks have gone crazy. Since Michigan’s first case was identified on March 11, Whitmer, who has declared a state of emergency, closed schools and businesses, banned large gatherings, expanded unemployment benefits and ordered residents to take shelter on the spot.

That is not enough. With Michigan’s death rate soaring, and the state running out of resources, Whitmer began asking for Washington’s help while openly criticizing the lack of a national Covid-19 strategy. Predictably, this triggered ad hominem retribution from President Trump. He called him “Gretchen‘ Half ’Whitmer.” She dismissed the governor, during a White House press conference, as “a woman in Michigan.” He stated that his administration would only help governors who “appreciate” his efforts.

Meanwhile, by Whitmer’s handling of the compliment gathering of the plague, he has gained heights as a trendy choice to become Joe Biden’s partner – a fact that is not lost on Trump, who continues to choose him to be attacked. All this further complicates the situation of Whitmer’s nightmares, injecting fragile egoism and the politics of the election year into a public health disaster that is increasingly gloomier.

“Well, I’m fine,” Whitmer answered. “You know, I got a message that you called our office on Tuesday and talked with Nathan. And I know you share your wife’s experience at Henry Ford [Hospital] and just want to touch the base and see if there are any updates. We have worked very hard to get Personal Protection Equipment for him, but I want to hear from you directly. “

“Well,” said John, clearing his throat, “I’m a little choking now. Because, umm, literally my father-in-law just died at 2:30 at the hospital from Covid.”

Panting whiter. It’s 3:07 p.m.

“Geez,” the governor murmured, his eyes closed. “I am sorry.”

Whitmer spent the day absorbing anecdotal body blows. There are medical professionals who, after being out of quarantine for 19 days, get unlimited leave because of their health conditions. There are school supervisors who are worried about hungry students and insolent bus drivers in their area. There is a doctor who tells the story of seeing many patients until their last moment, then calls family members who are waiting in the parking lot and delivers bad news.

The governor had maintained an even stable, very worried look, when he heard about the extraordinary death rate in one hospital, he hung up and said quietly, to anyone specifically, “What do we do with all the corpses?”

But now Whitmer sounded rather unsteady. The story of John – suddenly lost – has landed like a straw maker.

Maybe a governor shouldn’t show vulnerability in times of crisis. But John, an Army veteran who served three combat tours, didn’t seem to mind. Both are bound now, talking about his family, his circumstances, his fears. John’s fiancée – not his wife – is a childbirth and delivery nurse who has been wearing the same mask for seven days. Some medical personnel at his hospital have tested positive, adding to the panic due to the lack of PPE. During the next 10 minutes, Whitmer asked John about hospital security protocols, begged him not to wake his fiancé to get an answer (he worked overnight shifts), and assured him that help was on his way.

“Well, I appreciate that call, governor,” said John. “I tried to call the White House. I will be honest, I am conservative. Always so. I voted for President Trump. But I just hope he will stop with his madness. You know, this is not the time – at all. And I will say it to him on his face . “

John continued, “I cannot understand the president’s word …” The state must have a plan. “That can’t be only in the country. I mean, we are Unite American countries. We should unite. “

Very quickly, a grin of satisfaction pulled at Whitmer’s cheek. This grin is known to anyone who has tried to roll it, anyone who has received his famous intelligence in Lansing. At this moment, a grin of satisfaction. After all the harassment he had taken from the president, here was a Trump loyalist, someone who was hurt and anxious and fed up with being too small, telling Whitmer that he supported him. He looks ready to drop one sentence.

But the governor quickly regained his poker face. This is not the time, indeed.

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The Microsoft team finally added special background support, like Zoom | Instant News

If you are a Microsoft Team user who jealously watched Zoom users install silly virtual backgrounds to confuse their coworkers, your wait is over. The Microsoft team now supports a special background, the company said Thursday afternoon.

Microsoft announced the ability to add your own custom background more than a year ago, but the company hasn’t fulfilled its promises – even Third team’s birthday come and go without support. However, Microsoft announced an update at a tweet Thursday night, ending the drought. Unfortunately, it is not clear on what platform that feature will be supported, or whether all users will receive new features soon.

Zoom offers support for special backgrounds installed in the application itself – static images and video loop, which can be used as a background motion. (We have offered guide on how to create your own custom Zoom background.) Teams, like Zoom, can combine your webcam with artificial intelligence to “see” you and distinguish you from your background. Both applications will now be able to replace that background with a static image of your own choice.

Unfortunately, it is unclear whether the new Team update will allow for video background. Microsoft’s original announcement only explained a static image, “such as a company logo or office environment.”

However, the addition of special backgrounds in Zoom has become a game modifier. Instead of the superficial option only blurring your background environment, you can make it go away altogether. That is a determined advantage if you have a “head office”, like me, with sports equipment, packaging boxes, and other random items scattered about. Making virtual chaos disappear will be very helpful for employees who are forced to work outside small apartments or only those who are embarrassed by their mess.

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UPDATE: An interim plan for spring offers hope for Ohio center athletes – Sports – WeWeek Community News | Instant News

There is a glimmer of hope for thousands of high school athlete-students in Ohio who compete in spring sports.

CORRECTION: Due to a reporter’s error, the state baseball tournament website was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.

There is a glimmer of hope for thousands of high school athlete-students in Ohio who compete in spring sports.

On April 8, the Ohio High School Athletics Association announced that they had tentative plans for an abbreviated season. However, the plan depends on students returning to their classrooms on May 4.

Obeying orders to stay home by Governor Mike DeWine, the period without contacting OHSAA, which began March 17, remains in force at least May 1 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The OHSAA stated in a release on its website that “spring sports will be canceled” if the school building remains closed for the rest of the school year and that “if for some reason certain sites are closed due to governor’s orders, ALL sites will become closed and tournaments will not be held.”

“We only hope our spring team will have the chance to compete this year,” said Dublin athletics director Jerome, Joe Bline.

Under the OHSAA plan, each approved spring sport – baseball, softball, lacrosse boys and girls, men’s tennis and boys and girls track and field – will have an acclimation period from May 4-8, with The regular season starts May 9 and the state tournament takes place over the last three weekends of June.

The first day of training for baseball, softball, lacrosse and track and field is February 24, while men’s tennis has the first day of training on March 9.

“If the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health consider it safe to reopen school facilities in early May, we will have a spring sports season that is extended to June,” OHSAA executive director Jerry Snodgrass said in an April 9 release. “I commend our sports administration staff for arranging a work schedule on the state tournament site.”

Postseason baseball will begin May 23, end with a June 19-21 state tournament at Canal Park in Akron, and a softball postseason will take place May 30 and end with a June 25-27 state tournament at Firestone Stadium in Akron.

Lacrosse’s postseason will begin May 26 and end with the June 13 state final at the Wesleyan Ohio, while the tennis postseason will take place with the May 30 to June 6 competition section and concludes with the June 18-20 state tournament at Hilliard Davidson.

The track and field postseason will open with the district competition June 9-13 and end with the June 26 and 27 state meetings. Division I will be held at Hilliard Darby, Division II will be at Pickerington North and Division III will be at Westerville North.

A state track meeting has been held at Ohio State for the past 16 years, but Ohio State announced April 3 that it has canceled live university events until July 6.

Boys volleyball is not an OHSAA-approved sport but features 90 teams across the state, including 35 teams from the Central District. The Ohio High School Boys Volleyball Association is in compliance with the OHSAA contactless period until at least May 1 but has not announced an emergency plan for the season.

According to Gahanna’s female lane and field coach Roger Whittaker, the updated timeline for spring sports can help unsigned seniors who “strive to attract the attention of college coaches.”

“The weather will definitely help the situation in all the spring sports I imagined, but on track and field, it will allow Ohio to get the chance to compete in the same climatic conditions as southern high school athletes get all year round,” Whittaker said. “Short time to enter the state-of-state conditions, but it can certainly be done.”

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The elderly continue to bear the burden of coronavirus infections in Mass., Data show | Instant News

The elderly population continues to be disproportionately affected by the new corona virus in Massachusetts, which reflects what epidemiologists see in other countries.

In the past two weeks, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts have increasingly been concentrated in people aged 60 or over, according to Globe analysis of demographic data recently released by the state. At the same time, the proportion of infections known to people under 30 years has declined.

The vast majority of the 503 deaths related to coronavirus are in people aged 70 or over, many with underlying health conditions. One percent of deaths in Massachusetts are residents under the age of 50.

“We look at the real demographic distribution of this disease,” Dr. Sandro Galea, dean at the Boston University School of Public Health. “If you see Italy, this is what they have. But in Italy the much higher mortality rate is really driven by the fact that they have more people over the age of 80. “

In Massachusetts, almost half of people who test positive for COVID-19 are under 50 years old. That figure is actually very low for states where 62 percent of the population is under 50, according to US Census figures.

The fact that a large number of young people have tested positive does not surprise epidemiologists, who anticipate that the virus will spread evenly in most age groups. But COVID-19 is very difficult in older people with underlying health problems and a waning immune system.

“It’s really more about who has complications that lead to hospitalization and death,” Dr. Shira I. Doron, an epidemiologist at the Tufts University School of Medicine. “You expect your inpatient and death data to be age-appropriate, but you don’t need to expect your positive test data to reflect differences in age groups.”

Even at this point in the outbreak, it is still unclear how widespread the virus has spread in Massachusetts. Although the country has significantly increased testing in recent weeks, it is still not enough to provide a complete picture, Doron said.

Data on state infections are likely to be skewed to patients who have more severe symptoms. Epidemiologists know that some people who have been infected have mild symptoms – or no symptoms at all – and will not be tested for the virus, leaving them out of state counts. The only way to assess full spread is by mass testing of asymptomatic individuals or blood tests to determine who has developed antibodies for the virus, Doron said.

The Globe analysis found that the proportion of cases confirmed in people under 30 dropped in the past two weeks from 20 percent to 15 percent. Epidemiologists suggest there may be several reasons for the decline.

First, this could be the impact of social distance efforts that keep people at home. It could also be that a younger person has a stronger immune system and is less likely to show symptoms that are severe enough to be tested.

At the same time, the proportion of people with confirmed infections over age 60 continues to increase, over the past two weeks from 26 percent to 34 percent. Older people may be more likely to be tested because they tend to develop more serious symptoms.

“The reality is that this disease is very a disease that affects older people” and has an underlying condition, “said Galea, dean of the BU.” Everyone gets this infection, right? in death data. “

Andrew Ryan can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @globeandrewryan.

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LA Phil Cuts Pay, Canceling Disney Hall Shows; Bowl Concert in Questions – Variations | Instant News

After canceling all previous shows at Walt Disney Hall through May 10, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association has followed up with the inevitable and declared the remainder of the 2019-20 season as a washer, too, which means that concerts scheduled in the multi-storey hall until June 6 are officially inactive.

Reductions in salaries for full-time staff and part-time layoffs were also announced as part of LA Phil’s efforts to stay afloat during a devastating economy coronavirus pandemic.

What remains to be seen is what will happen with any or all events scheduled for Hollywood Bowl, where the Philharmonic moved all of its activities after mid-June. Until now, L. Phil still has the Playboy Jazz Festival in books to unofficially open the Summer Bowl June 6-7, followed by the official opening night with Brandi Carlile and the June 13 orchestra.

The organization also rents out Bowls to outside promoters, with performances on the calendar that begin in late May. A number of artists who have late spring performances scheduled for the Bowl have been canceled of their own volition, including Dave Chappelle and Lady Antebellum. But the end of May the show by Daryl Hall & John Oates and Alice Cooper and the June concert by Halsey, Bob Dylan, Andrea Bocelli and Steely Dan remained on the calendar, but it didn’t seem certain that large scale meetings would continue at that time.

“We hope that there will be all or part of our Hollywood Bowl season, but the tour is canceled and the artists also cancel,” Chad Smith, CEO of the organization, said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “We remodel every day.”

The pain felt by Bowl visitors who might not be able to see Janelle Monae or Maxwell with the July orchestra is incomparable, of course, with the injuries suffered by employees who will see some or all of their lost salary as concert rooms throughout the country remain dark indefinitely .

“The steps we take are very painful, but we must act today to protect LA Phil for tomorrow,” Smith said in a statement. “We cannot predict how long this pandemic will last or what impact it will have on our Hollywood Bowl and (John Anson) Ford seasons, and so we handle challenges now based on the information we have, in ways that we know are difficult but believe responsibly. “

An announcement from the Philharmonic Association said the organization “cuts all unnecessary expenses and starting April 13 will institute a reduction in joint salaries across the organization.” The famous artistic director Gustavo Dudamel will forget his salary while the places remain closed. Regular part-time staff, reported to number 94 employees, are being released, and 174 full-time workers see a pay cut of 35% (or more for top staff), while maintaining benefits. “Under the terms of the temporary contract being renegotiated, starting on April 20 all (101 full-time) Orchestra members will receive 65% of their weekly minimum scale,” the announcement said.

Disney Hall closed on March 12. Employees are kept on a payroll for four weeks. In the Times, Smith said that the loss of ticket revenue from just three months of canceled Disney Hall performances would amount to $ 9-10 million.

Among the recently canceled May and June shows: Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George” concert, a tribute to Ravi Shankar by Norah Jones’s daughter and Anoushka Shankar, Steve Reich’s program and several classic programs that have been held. done by Dudamel.

Smith added that LA Phil is likely to depend heavily on philanthropy in the coming dark months, however long they may be.

The Philharmonic Association shows that core staff supporting YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) will remain, to give instructions to students remotely.

“For the sake of the musicians, staff, students, teachers, and audiences and the community we serve, we are determined to support the Association for taking these very difficult steps,” board chairman Thomas L. Beckmen said. “We have great confidence in the ability of LA Phil’s leadership to guide the organization through these uncertain times. When we emerge from them, we will be ready to reunite in a shared experience that means a lot to us all. “

Some art institutions in Australia have pulled woodpeckers in the summer. The Center Theater Group, another major downtown arts organization, moves in late March to cancel all spring and summer shows at the Ahmanson theater, the Mark Taper Forum and Kirk Douglas, in hopes of continuing the fall. CTG has reduced 50% of its staff until early August, the Times reported, and instituted salary cuts for half of the staff who would remain in certain capacities.

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